Amphibious RC Truck…Or Is It? – Feiyue FY12 1/12th – TheRcSaylors

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It’s pretty exciting to thing about driving an RC truck directly into water, then by what seems to be magic, it drives on water! The military has tanks and trucks like this, and there are recreational vehicles out there that can pull this off, but for a RTR RC truck that comes in under $100 to be able to pull this off seems very impressive! You know us (and if you don’t you should Subscribe!) We don’t sugar coat things, so let’s see if this remote control truck that claims to be able to drive on water is really capable of that, and let’s find out how it runs on land! Thanks for watching!

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Moses Jh says:

sweet..thank you

Moumita Kundu says:


Bryan BryanT says:

This reminded me of a more successful one I loved your snow video

Kevin Hendricks says:

Too bad you had so many problems because it was a pretty cool looking truck.

The Objective Objectivist says:

I’m currently in Duck in the Outer Banks. It’s awesome to know you guys are here, in the Outer Banks, as well. Been watching you guys for a while now. Here I am wishing we could meet up. Lol! Have a fun vacation.

model nutty says:

you know, we have yet to see that 4WD truck that’s supposed to drive on water, on water, that we saw about 18 months ago in the snow (it was pretty darn fast!). Dissa-one:::
what it can do:
HARD dirt bashing with a couple different sets of dirt tires (needs smaller pinion?) cool vid because it does show you can control pitch pretty well when it’s in the air (BIG jumps!) to land it decently.

Foxtrot 301 YT says:

WHAT PART OF NC!?!? I live in nc. I wanna see y’all!

Udo Wörner says:

Nice waterproof truck, i like it and Popeye have much fun… Lough Thumbs up

Todd Clayton says:

See I think somebody should be honest with you we don’t watch your videos for you watch them for Popeye sorry

Sarah Addison says:

Hey to the R.C. Saylor’s Abby do a great job you both do I enjoy watching your program and congratulations on your new baby coming always Sarah love your drones to

Mark mcmahen says:

Saltwater = extremely conductive with electricity = truck malfunction I’m pretty sure it had something to do with it. Nice video & thumbs up

John Poen says:

Good morning from SLC, Saylors! Oh bummer, after seeing those big gnarly tires, and hearing “waterproof” I was hoping that you liked this one because I want a truck for the snow, as well as for water! No, it’s not snowing here right now, but…..Lol Anyway, I would rather wait for a better amphibious truck to come along, than be disappointed. So, thanks for your undying candor and honesty in your excellent reviews, my friends! Take good care, as aways! JP

ed Greene says:

The wind has been vicious hope y’all had a great time

Hachi Roku says:

you have to get a head start when driving on water. And the car has to be at water level when you drive it from land to water.

Wim Ross says:

That little guy looks to be so much fun!

Michael Holden says:

Great video as all ways you all make a perfect couple your just down too earth people that’s what I like about you all great information on rc vehicles and drones love you all videos congratulations too you and Abby on your baby looking forward too more of your videos talk to you later and let’s not forget Popeye talk too you later hope you enjoy your vacation take care

Joey Gerena says:

Abby is brutally honest let her do the reviews TEAM ABBY HERE!!!!

Foxtrot 301 YT says:

Yea don’t have the money. Would you subscribe to me? I do rc stuff and need more subscribers

ER RC says:

Awesome beach videos! My 3 year old daughter got a kick out of Popeye chasing the rc all over the beach! Lol! Thanks again for the awesome videos and congrats on the little one on the way!

Drone Effects says:

Better see more popeye 😉

Steve Leahy says:

Excellent video I like how you narrated while you drove it instead of just putting music

Kevin Hargrove says:

it’s not a good rig, nice concept but it should state if it is salt water and fresh water approved. thank ya’ll for all the reviews it sure does help everyone.

4 vid's says:

Great video..

shane mccormick says:

I bet it’s really windy at night! I’ve been there it’s insanely Windy…

Sarah Addison says:

I loved the video you guys at the the truck love when he was biting at the tires he is such.a cutie thanks so much.for sharing the videos you.both make my day.THANKS.ToThe.RC. Saylor’s always Sarah bye

Bene C says:

Boy looks like a lot of fun at least for Popeye stay safe

Anindya Kundu says:

Love this truck . Looks pretty u.

gregory James says:

only just noticed abby bump in the intro 🙂 congrats

Martin Phillips says:

Agreed it did not pass!

Distinct Shadow says:

You guys review such awesome shit but Popeye always steals the show 😀

G Bro says:


Jj Duncan says:

Talking about drones, have you guys done the Bugs 5W gps drone with way points? I seen it from other videos looks good. About a $220 drone.

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