AMAZING RC TRUCK UNDER $60! 9116 1/12 (GEARBEST) Rebrand S912

This RC Truck is Amazing! Only $47! right now! 10-2-16. This is the first RC truck to the channel. This first caught my eye while doing some research on less expensive fast RC trucks. I found some videos on the GP Toys S912 seemed like an awesome deal for about $80. After doing some homework I found out Gearbest is selling this same truck under a re-brand! I had to get my hands on it for review and I have to say I’m glad I did! This little truck is a powerhouse! I’m not to savvy on RC trucks but considering other RC trucks and cars I have had in the past this thing offers awesome value. Its made of really nice plastic materials and is super durable. I have flips rolled and crashed at max speeds with it and have yet to brake anything. I love the wide stance of this truck as it gives it awesome control. Its approach and departure angles are great to! The wheels allow for the body to clear lots of bumps and jumps with ease. The suspension works great for bumps and jumps and absorbs them great. The truck recovers from jumps very quickly so you can continue to put the power down and have fun. For a 2 wheel drive it handles grass very well and even gravel and small rocks. Its no rock crawler but with enough speed it handles rocks like nothing. Overall I really like this truck and I think anyone looking for a budget friendly durable all terrain truck should check this out! Its a ton of fun for any one kids to adults.

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Gearbest Double 11 Sales!
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Edu funnyworld says:

Hi please tell me how you did with the battery connector you switched? If so, how did you do it? Make a video because nobody did

Savage Charles says:

Is gearbest a trustable website ?

Josefa Cortes Fernandez says:

todo esto es una falsa son mui malisimos. no corren loke dicen se rompe al momento lose pormi

Rc Hobby says:

Time of using?

Lumix12 Official says:

That is literally a E revo rip off

Madden mobile Replayz says:

About how fast?

Rc Hobby says:

What is max speed of this?

Fridash Vidz says:

can i upgrade the motor of this Rc? like a faster brushed motor?

Haseeb Tech says:

shopping app name

twrecks116 says:

Thanks for posting Bro!! This is a Great Find!!

Austin Dencil says:

we can off road

Carlos DL556 says:

is the rebrand the same as the origional plz do a video on it

Fridash Vidz says:

is this hobbygrade rc?planning to buy it tho

ziggyzbeak says:


Haseeb Tech says:

where we bought this

Legacy Wheelz says:

Just to let u know, there are two types of this car. The more expensive car on Amazon has a different box then this one. The car in the other box is faster and a nicer model. Trust me I have done my research.

suomenpresidentti says:

Rash on the body looks like you have not removed the protective soft film from the body and just that has scratched?

ethan P Vlog s says:

how much MPH dose it go???!

Jorge Castanon says:

ey man i have a problem i buy one is a rc hb-p1801 and i have a problem with the charger how can i charge it. and this one it have the same charger. but how can i charge. someone. help

aeon38 says:

Looks sweet for the money, are those shock absorbers all plastic? That might be a weak link, but again for the money you can’t complain, im sure it would be easy to upgrade.

Flying Life RC REVIEWS says:

Get it here!

xsavage nation says:

I have the same one but red

Flyboy Guru says:

Not a bad price, but some negative things I noticed:1.They are only 2wd.  Means it’s more for on road surfaces.2. They don’t have any power to go over anything.  They seem to be geared as high as possible to get some speed, but accelerate slowly and don’t have the torque to go over much of anything.  3. Gets stuck in even small mud  Forget about driving it in grass unless it’s golf course short.  4. The battery is also only 700mah.  That is a very, very small capacity battery. 5.  It also isn’t waterproof, so keep that in mind. 6. Parts won’t be readily available.  Don’t expect to find parts at your local hobby shop on these and ordering online may even be difficult.  If you can even get the part, expect to wait a month or longer for it to ship from China. It’s a good price for what it is, but just don’t expect too much.  It’s better than the typical toy grade, but not really in the hobby grade class (kind of in the middle).

Rajvir Singh says:

will a battery with more milliamps work?

DJ Loopez says:

How long does one battery last

Pure Edits says:

How long does the battery that it could es with last? Please be honest. Thanks!!

Jorge Castanon says:

how can i buy it

mag or lag says:

can it handle a lipo or not PLZZZZZZZZZZZ    TELLLL   MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Haseeb Tech says:

tell me app name

Creepy Cooters Brother says:

I bought the other one it was terrible it broke the first min

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