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Buy the WLtoys 18628 6WD Truck here – https://goo.gl/TV4SeZ
The WLtoys 18628 is a Six Wheel Drive RC Truck that caught our eye and most of our viewer’s eyes after we featured the amazing 12428 on our channel! Coming in around $20 cheaper or so, we didn’t put much thought into grabbing one while the price was so low and we’re glad we did! Though it’s not as capable as we were hoping, a few simple mods could quickly get this up to a hobby grade status, and a really fun build to do so! For right around $40 and having running LED lights, actual 6WD capabilities, a charger and rechargeable batteries, this is one worth grabbing to add to your collection simply because of how unique it is!

Buy this RC Truck here – https://goo.gl/TV4SeZ
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Current Promo Code – rc18off

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Tech Review by Irdi says:

Make a cool Rover with an FPV CAM on it.

MC5 Limited Skills says:

When you say “no proportional steering”…
Might as well end the review.

MyTmou5 says:

Hmm, I curious as how interchangeable the parts are with 12428. My son is rough on his, and this looks like it a good for parts if nothing else. He also broke the transmitter (steering broke at the potentiometer). $25 for replacement vs. $45 for this is tempting.

Pichardo Gabriel says:

i think this buggy would do really great if you were to install some hobby grade shock absorbers and springs to allow the suspension to flex more, therefore giving it much more traction and rock climbing ability.

rosemarie abarro says:

Cn u review a wpl B-24 and upgrade it a bit. It looks really scale but is toy grade and alot of people are upgrading them.

Rc and Drone Reviews and Hacks says:

Kewl truck guys :))))) If I were younger Id buy one LOL :))) great video

mason carter says:

That’s cute

Br1aNn88 YT says:

It’s $30 on amazon! But I’m looking for a small RC truck or car or buggy.

TheAbbyTwirls says:

You all rock! I did everything!

Smashermasher says:

Worst rc evver

Sage Comstock says:

Done! Gave it a like, subscribed, turned on my post notifications for your YouTube channel and instagram!

youel adamas says:

I like how they at trying different designs now it was getting dry in the past with same same just different brands.

1m views says:


Paul F says:

Holy Cow How did I miss this? It must have been before I turned my Googletube ” Bell ” Icon on! LOL

Eli Laporte says:

I kinda want to buy one and throw my old emaxx dual brushed and vxl stock setup in it and some oil filled shocks I have laying around

m t8 says:

Its a nice well priced toy . Just dont expect it to handle as good as it looks . 6by6 consept is canny but a real 6by6 hobby grade truck costs real money but this will give ya a little taist of 6by6 power

Buster 1 says:

Flash sale on now link in description

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast says:

Built on a higher frame with a larger motor it be about as good as the $75 one

TheRcSaylors says:

This would be a good one for kids! Buy the WLtoys 18628 6WD Truck here – https://goo.gl/TV4SeZ

Karl Causes Everything says:

Pretty noice for only $40!

giorgi gengashvili says:

veri veri gud A lavs 5wd car

Xbox Thief says:

More like 8 wheels because the 3 on the top lol

BO DAX says:

not BAD but not sure if $40 dollar cool!

Diet Ov Wurms says:

Could you do some unboxing, and bashing for the WL TOYS 126248.. tnxs

Shamshad Maker says:

i thought of getting this one but after watching this review, I won’t waste my money on it.

Tom Slaymaker says:

i want to know what 4 wheel drive has the most power and torque for pushing snow? obviously not this one.

Luke Jirschefske says:

no wonder it is 40 it goes as fast as my grandma wait my grandma goes faster

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