$55 RC Micro Truck!

MT28: https://goo.gl/9UzPTP
RC28: https://goo.gl/7zT19V
SC28T: https://goo.gl/nDRNH5
SC28: https://goo.gl/mGmhdT
Camera: https://goo.gl/eFhsiU

The 1/28 scale Team Associated platform has been one of our favorites since we started driving RC cars. Today we look at the newest MT28 monster truck and compare it to the short course truck and buggy which we drove in the past!

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ProjectAir says:

I think it’s a fab idea choosing some more lower price point vehicles to review. This way, we can check out more of them with you guys! 🙂

Doug Fig says:

WLtoys A959-B. Priced between $65 and $85, it’s crazy fast on 2s.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

” _It’s not really important_ ” ………unless you want a miniature crawler. I paid the extra bucks and bought a 1/24th crawler with 4 steering modes for winter driving indoors. It goes almost everywhere regardless of surface and also can FPV
It’s great fun playing with the little stuff like the MT28 ( _even if you are a big kid aged 63_ ) and really you now have so much choice of car genre that whatever you want there is one out there. Great video as always

Max Koenig says:

Make a video on the openrc f1

Frank Gough says:

Thank you for this video. My boys have been wanting to get RC cars and these look amazing for the price point. Dad might have to get one too 😉

spud4242 says:

music is too loud while you are talking, makes it hard for us old buggers to hear what you are saying.

illinimarine7 says:

This shit don’t fly

JunkYardRc 13 says:

Wltoys do those

RNCNVN says:

WLtoys 12428 1/12 $70 US warehouse Banggood.

suyash gupta says:

Traxxas latrax

William The Whale says:

I want to get one of these and put electrical tape around the tires and drift it on the hardwood in my dorm’s common area!

Richard Bruhn says:

Yes!! This is exactly why I started this hobby! My first was Lutema HYP-R-Baja King Short Course Truck. It’s about $80, fast as the dickens, and cheap replacement parts.

Thomas F says:

I have got a Carisma gt24 buggy its brushless and can use a 2s lipo (I do, the original has a USB charger with a 1s) and has many other options you can explore, I even made mine water resistant, have front and tail lights an fpv camera and a wheelie bar made from some scrap servo wire. It cost me 70 pounds about 90 dollars.

Johnny Cakez says:

I used to have a lot of fun with my losi micro t. The base model was pretty cheap but you could go full enthusiast with mods if you wanted. Was fast as hell too for the size too. I think it’s been discontinued though 🙁

dronepunk FPV says:

Is It possible to change Rx on these?

Potato car Guy says:

You guys should try the 40$ jjrc q36/35

James Arthur says:

OKAY!!! So, 2:51 in and I had to stop watching this. Kevin Talbot (and many others) have already revealed the 959b $65 RC car that is fast and you can add shock oil in the shocks. Real shocks! Not plastic that bends. What a POS. More Fan Boy junk.

Kevin Dunn says:

Right after Christmas my CVS always has RC cars like this for around $10 on clearance, probably not as fast but I don’t like the wild flipping and rolling speed and turns anyway



Kevin Kunne says:

Nice little RC but in my opionion the JJRC Q36/ that has: 4wd, full proportional,fast 30kmh/ spares. Is better because it costs 30/40 dollars on Banggood. (Plus it has independent suspension.)

Dj Haakinson says:

check out the LaTrax Teton and Rally car! theyre about $120

James Lerch says:

You guys are my favorite bad influences

Feng Gao says:

hi Team Drive on, I could I contact with you guys, I am developing a hardware kit allow racers use gaming steering wheel drive any rc car, hope get some advice from you.


Pigfarm1403 says:

I feel like the winner should have been whoever had the coolest idea, not the most emotional appeal, idk. Congrats to the winner either way.

Trent Galloway says:

Cool video guys! The Redcat Cyclone XB 1/10 scale is a fantastic starter RC.. only $75 at Best Buy and RTR. Great option to learn how to drive!

Venky Gaming says:

Please design a intermediate place that is under 250gm

Malnati's RC'S says:

The wl-toys 1/18 a979 a959 and a949 are and awesome lineup I have the a979 and I upgraded it to all metal parts they are fully upgradable from the steering links to the diffs to the rims, they are awesome cars at a awesome price point and the b versions are super fast!

Marshall Campbell says:

Really love the idea of sub $100 RC cars. More in my current budget. I can better imagine actually buying and enjoying land RC. Thanks guys!

My Fix says:

Try Wltoys l939, its decent

Br1aNn8 says:

Do the a959.


Wltoys 12428 A959, JJRC Q39 Q46, Feiyue FY03, Virhuck V01

Do R/C! says:

Im annoyed. I recently got a kraton and cant find anyone or anywhere near me to bash with/at.

Raycefan says:

Kyosho has a Mini-z MR03 that I think is 1/27th scale. Here in Alaska, nobody races these. They are so fast and so fun, I would almost move to find a club or organization that actively races them. And I believe they’re powered off AA batteries, both the radio & the car, so, you get an almost indefinite run time. They’re like $150+ but completely worth it and very upgradable.

File's Flyin' says:

Try some hpi stuff

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