5 Best RC Rock Crawlers of 2018

1. Traxxas TRX4 Bronco – https://amzn.to/2RHsWj8
or TRX4 Sport for $340 – https://amzn.to/2VJ9RfU
2. Axial SCX10 II – https://amzn.to/2RKZgSw ($299 Deadbolt)
3. Vaterra Ascender – https://amzn.to/2VA3Phk ( $280)
4. Redcat Gen 7 – https://amzn.to/2smm8sR
5. HPI Venture – https://amzn.to/2RHr7Tk (now $350)

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ferp420 says:

Dont forget the traxass has 4 servos that are gona fail in a few runs the weak portal gears and the weak locking diff making the traxxass a money pit right out of the box the trx4 shouldent be on this list but i dose look good on paper lol

BullgearRC videos says:

Yep SCX10II best crawler. Traxxas is over engineered. To much to go wrong. But it looks good.

Slim Stickly says:

Nice rigs.. but, I’ll stay with my Losi Nightcrawler.

hamza carrosserie RC says:

Nice vidéo!

Stef Kaplan says:

Redcat everest 10 isn’t even in the list…

MrKeys57 says:

strange…rich grownups in the western world playing with these expensive toys, whilst children are starving to death….

D&J RC says:

Nice video

Oliver G. says:

I agree with That rating, had most of them, and now have only 3 traxxas trx-4, an axial 6×6 and a mst cfx That should have been in this rating as well, But its Not a rtr so it Did not Qualify. The mst cfx is a great smaller crawler for wheelbase around 250mm and the cfx-w us the Long Version that also has Portal axles.

Ian Mangham says:

That bronco is the bollocks, but I’m bronco bonkers

Joe Baldwin says:

Completely agree with you another fantastic review thanks…

Brotherd Mike says:

Excellent and trustworthy reviews! I’m glad i found your channel, it made me think about my first purchase with more info at hand! Cheers from New Zealand

Rust belt Crawling says:

I don’t know about redcat! Lol.

elew93610 says:

I have all but the HPI. Love them all and they run great. Thanks for the video.

John M says:

Unless your top 5 list is a top 5 worst RCs, Redcat should not be on it. You lost all credibility

J. Hyland says:

How would the sport stack up?

Scott Robinson says:

I would put the tf2 above the red cat for sure tho

SP1TFYRE 8 says:

Axial wraith?

Fpv STUNT says:

All these rock crawlers are very cool but just cant seem to get into it . Mine would just sit on the shelf lol. Like my trophy truck to much!

Metals myth says:

i just got a demon sg4 c and it beats all of these plus it came with everything i would want to upgrade right in the kit, metal axles metal shocks metal winch light kit metal beadlocks…. list goes on

Luke Smith says:

very helpful video

Doc Fisher says:

That Bronco reminds me of my old ‘78. Meters snow plow edition.
True style.

Andy Richey says:

I just got the TRX4 79 ford bronco and I love it it is awesome, it’s gone through soupy mud, climb hills, and over rocks with ease. It performs very well I’ve had no issues thank you Sharing

rob wells says:

electric is kinda gay

carlos santos says:


Ziad Assaad says:

dude, awesome video. actually really very informative the videos were fun to watch as well.
I’m wondering if it even placed have you considered or reviewed any Losi Team Losi or rc10 Team Associated rock crawlers. because I have the team Losi rock crawler “Nightcrawler” it’s articulation and aftermarket pieces that are available as well as its I believe proprietary worm gear Drive

Wade Caton says:

Great review although I’m just now getting a notification on this video. Now you can add the trx-4 sport to the number one spot. Lighter, reliable, great price, nothing complicated about it. Just the body is plain but looks good with add ons like mirrors and snorkel from the gen7 pro.

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