$30 BLAZING FAST Mini RC Truck Review Wltoys L939

Link to buy on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1hpdqSE
My review on the Torment RC Truck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbpx2R65i80&list=PLQqDGoQRj-oIVZ5ZF_yYzEpP6KmQs8CVF&index=17
More pictures on my website: http://rcdad.com/mini-rc-truck/
This mini RC car is a ton of fun! It comes with 20 tiny cones to set up a variety of track in your home or outside. The proportional steering is really nice to have, especially with a car this fast. Most rc cars in this price range don’t have the variable speed and turning. The great thing is that it’s almost indestructible when it’s in slow mode making it perfect for inexperienced drivers. Charging is done with a USB cable that plugs into the side of the truck and can be plugged into a computer, phone charger, or a USB charger!
I recommend the Anker USB charger – http://amzn.to/1Z8YUjY

At max speed, it’s almost too fast. Its light weight will spend it tumbling if you’re not careful. At setting 3-4 is when you can have the most control and fun with this rc car.

Off roading can only be done in short grass and smooth dirt. The motor is fast but it’s not powerful enough to go climbing and tearing through mud or over big rocks. Plus it’s only 2 wheel drive! On carpet, tile, or asphalt is where you’ll have the most fun and best performance.

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Chitraksh Bhatia says:

Does it have proportional throttle?

Rishaan Ag says:

Is it very responsive

ORLLYM8 says:


Anderson Illanes says:

What is the car called

Antonio Mora says:

what is the car called

Slim Sqde says:

deos it come with a battery?

Sergej Nadaždin says:

does it actually have front suspension?

Melson Ui says:

I wantbit

pingas says:

Thats NOT offroad. And this is a fake from carson micro x warrior.

Nelson Rockwood says:

Erik, Thanks for the review. I’m looking for something for my son that can be driven indoors, is rechargeable and durable and has a speed limiter. This one looks great except for the short-ish battery life. I could spend as much as $50. Any other recommendations? He’s only 4, and everything of good quality seems to be fragile and go 25+ MPH.

SlaterJamesVlogs says:

Would a baseball field gravel work for this?

uday kiran says:

Can it go of road

WizardGuy YT says:

this thing is so cool i just got mine its still in its box


Is this car waterproof?0

Shane White/skunk says:

how many minutes does it last

Gucci Flip Flops says:

i know this i a really late coment but i really need to know this can you build dirt jumps that the car can jump on in you drive on concreat

Venky .t says:

i have a doubt does the car and remote both have a recharging battery??I am willing to buy it

Animal Countdowns says:

What size scale is it? Is it 1/24

Ivan Reynosa says:

Bro this little truck is a beast

Tokr Mc says:

is it 4WD

Levi Hale says:

i have the same one!

Bridger Brat says:

can it go on ramps????????????????

3Ddee says:

this is the best $27 I’ve ever spent. i also modified it for less drag and weight reduction and it is noticeably faster and now has about 20-30 min battery life driving aggressively. Thank you so much for making this video!

FlyingPay says:

in German is this hpi label

Xavier Hills says:

I have the same one

Animal Countdowns says:

What size scale is it? Is it 1/24

danish hanif says:

Nice cars

Searcher says:

Thanks for the great review!

The GTR gamer says:

the xo-1 mini

Glenn's channel Sapnu says:

It’s so cute I maybe like buy 2 of those

W.L Filmsnz says:

Holy crap! Wheelie at 5:14

Fabian Mendoza says:

does the lil car have a battery included

Jeremy Odegard says:

How fast can it go

hgfjhf fgjhgf says:

I’ve had 2 of these, both have broken within the first 2 days. The front arms will break very easily, but they can be glued back.
The main problem I’ve had is that the electronics dont last. After a bit of use, they start cutting off randomly.

I would recommend spending a bit more for a HPI Q32 or a Team Associated SC28, theyll last much longer.

Noah Durrenberger says:

Great review!!!

Juan Cisneros says:

how many mph does it go

Isa and Joey channel says:

where do your gett it

Not Him says:

I know i am late but can anybody tell me where I can’t find one I can use in my house and on my drive way and it is sturdy and can take on ramps

Autizmo ;D says:

Me:*sees video. Clicks link in description. Immediately buys car. Waits for car to ship…

To be continued…

John Wedrall says:

nice understandable review for a newbe like me ! 🙂

Piper Cathcart says:

where did you get it

Markus Dmitri says:

Nice review.

Not Him says:

Ok thanks for the help btw love this vid

FaZeMoney says:

I’m getting that

TyroneShower-Handel says:

seems better than those crappy new bright

Pedro Gonzaga says:

Hi Eric, is their any bigger than that toy car but same performance as that little rc?? And please give me some link in where I can find the bigger rc and its price. Thanks

mike staal says:

Whats the speed on 5?

Melson Ui says:

I want it

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