2019 Scale Crawler Superstar! Redcat Racing Gen8 International Scout II Truck Review | RC Driver

As our channel has been growing, so have the requests for Redcat Racing product reviews. We admittedly don’t have much experience with Redcat’s vehicles, but that just changed! RC Driver was lucky enough to secure one of the first Redcat Racing Gen8 Scout II scale trail trucks for review. We’ve seen a number of good reports about the Gen7 truck so of course the Gen8 has captured our interest. But this truck is a bit different. It was designed from the ground up in the US unlike Redcat’s previous offerings. It looks like Redcat is really coming on strong and this new Gen8 is turning heads. The truck has a licensed International Harvester Scout II Body and Interco Super Swamper tires. It has portal style axles, metal frame, full ball bearings, waterproof electronics and many cool features. Like what? How about NO BODY CLIPS! Greg went full tilt on this review and gives you all the details you need to know about it. Plus there is plenty of action and of course his final performance thoughts. Are you a Redcat fan or just plain interested in this new scale trail truck? Sit back, relax and get all the info you need from this review.

Intro 0:28
Box Detail 1:22
Unboxing 3:46
Included Accessories 4:22
Truck Features & Details 6:26
Action 20:25
Performance report (And more action) 25:06

Redcat Racing Gen8 Scout
Part Number: RER11291
Price: $299.99
Link For More Info & Specs: http://bit.ly/2LAX6iE

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R J says:

Great review! Been wanting to get into the crawling scene but the price of TRX-4 and Axial kept me away. Looks like Red Cat has done an awsome job and kept the price point low. I know I’ll upgrade parts of it, but its a grat entry price!

RC Intro says:

DAMN YOU GREG! For getting the first one and first review! J/K you deserve it, nobody does a review as good as you. I’m still jealous tho! About 2 more weeks for mine, can’t wait! Excellent rewiew as always thank you sir.

Stuart Roberts says:

Wow! I have a heavily modded (mainly cosmetic) orange TRX-4, but this is an amazing deal straight out of the box. Would have to be a close second…or is just my liking of orange trucks? 🙂

mxx pro says:

Trx4 Sport Killer

Ronald Vargas Montero says:

Always great videos

Nathan Zari says:

Who else noticed the drag car in the background.

Jessi Looney says:

sweet rig i bet its going to be the best rig ever they did a great job people need to quit saying redcat is junk cause they aint and at least its not all plastic like axial


Thanks for the great review. Good job. Looks like RedCat really stepped up to the plate on this one. I’m still sketchy on this but may actually have to get one. Thanks again for Sharing. Have a great day and Happy New Year.

Marcus Babb says:

So? This doesnt come with a battery? Is that what i heard…how can a truck be RTR with no battery?

Wyatt Wolfe says:

8:30 me opening the box to a new rc

RC4X4 says:

Looks good. Kinda reminds me of the Traxxas TRX4. Oh well, gotta get one. What do you think is the top speed?

DREbies1 says:

don’t buy redcat….hobby shop owners will tell you it is just shelf filler

Nikki RC says:

Great video. Thanks for the in-depth review!

Cesco RC says:

Just preorderd one. Great video, definitly helped.

tony barajas says:

Thats it im getting one with my tax return

Kris Johnston says:

Great looking rig!  Also, thank you for the detailed and very thorough review!  I enjoyed the whole video especially the driving scenes.  I’m already considering selling my Tamiya land cruiser to finance one of these.  LOL!  Thanks again!

Adam s says:

What battery did you test it with?

Dwayne Baker says:

Is this as fast as an scx 10 2, or other stock crawlers?

Randy Aguililla says:

This is a complete rip off of a trx4, since its redcar I’d spend the extra 60 bucks and go with the traxxas. Awesome review tho!

Cgvk says:

now i gotta find someone to buy or trade me my scx10 for this… hahaha

David Bumbeck says:

Great video of truck in action. Loved the camera angle showing all the clearance that the portals provide.

Druke 97 says:

As someone who just bought the TRX-4 with the orange defender body, I can say this truck looks like a much better value and has similar features.

twissted says:

Best review of this Scout yet! I want one!

infinite monkeys says:

Great review. This thing looks like its’s going to be a winner. Everyone at my LHS says that they’ve done really well with the Gen 7 and they’re a good, and pretty much trouble free rig. The non-licensed body was one of the only things that I really didn’t like about it. I went with the SCX10 II Cherokee instead, but will be getting a Gen 8 when they’re available. I love my Axial and drive it hard enough to have pretty much trashed the stock body, and so far the only issue I’ve had is that I stripped out the servo horn and upgraded to aluminum. The only thing I can see with the Gen 8 that I’m not totally hyped about is the blacked out windows including the windshield. Once I have one, I can see myself getting a spare body, painting it a different factory color and leaving the “glass” clear. With all the features on the Gen 8 and the pricepoint, Redcat should be killing it in 2019. My only question is on the shocks and if they’re meant to be oil filled, and if so will they leak?

David Bumbeck says:

Thank you! First to review that I’ve seen. Way to go REDCAT! HOMERUN as far as I’m concerned. All the features that matter, plus some. The body is totally LEGIT! Very fresh approach to mounting body, spare. The PRICE! $300, Dollar for dollar, best value on the market, PERIOD!

Tosfabu says:

I’m liking the Detailed format! And that time key is the icing on the cake

rc master777 says:

I’m a huge redact fan and this is amazing I want one but need a little more extra cash, and will this truck always be for sale or just a limited one time thing

Bo Darville says:

A crawler is definitely my next rig. I have a short course a monster truck and a touring car. I just can’t decide what brand I was leaning words axial just for the aftermarket support but I like the trx4 and this is a cool rig too.

Nathan Storer says:

RC Driver… Now one might say that means Red Cat Driver? J/K lol
Really enjoyed the video. Had a Red Cat truck a couple of years ago and broke pretty quick. This truck looks to be built much better though, nice to see their progression.

DENSUTUBE2008 says:

Hi Have a new Gen 7 Pro I have had on the shelf for a few months and just tried it out first time. No matter which way you turn it goes only to the left only. It starts to go right then double backs to the left I have tried a new servo to test same thing. Do you thing it could be the receiver or transmitter issue??

Scale MOB Scalers says:

Very cool truck, thank you for the review!

Tourbillondreams says:

Thanks for the in-depth review and actual running footage. Very helpful

alcors110 says:

Always a rocking review from Greg

Jarrod Forbes says:

Odd question for you any interest in selling your losi muggy in the background lol thanks

Hanz Cedric says:

I’m a touring car/rally car RC driver myself. not really into crawling. but this redcat truck’s features are wanting me to get one.

Loves2Jacket says:

Pretty sure the answer is no, but can you peel the windshield stick off and have a clear windshield? I’m assuming the entire body is painted with stickers added

ZippyC FPV says:

Awesome video and review once again, Greg!!!! Absolutely love the variety of camera views from the truck, especially that under the chassis view!!! Awesome awesome awesome!!!

DREbies1 says:

red cat is junk…always has been always will be.

KodeKraft RC says:

Not a bad looking rig. Too bad they didn’t release a builders kit version of it like HPI and Axial.

LogansPortPilot RP says:

I got the gen 7 pro for the fact i wanna see how well those portal axles hold up,and also to see how the transfer case holds up as well,i think it’ll be really good,just didn’t want to pre-order without being sure.

oldsjunkie1 says:

I’ve been an Associated guy since the RC10T stadium trucks came out. The dark days of the NiCd and 5 minute run times… Light bulbs in the pits…Racing pretty seriously for years. 2WD mod buggy most recently. Got in and out of the hobby a couple times and got the bug again after my neighbor got him and his boy Slashes. Of course no Traxxas for me 🙂 so I go 10th scale monster truck basher hunting… Always thought Redcat Racing was a cheap Chinese junk brand and a lot of the early cars they put out were pretty bad. They were models that other companies moved past and sold to Redcat cheap. This is oddly one of the things that got me to check them out. I noticed the chassis on the Gen7 was designed by BPC Custom Chassis and took a chance on it. Redcat got with them and TG2 for a reason. To state that they’re getting serious. They bought the Team Magic E5 and E6 III BES, which became the Team Redcat TR-MT10E and TR-MT8E BE 6S. I drove both these trucks and bought the latter on the spot. Insane machines with top notch build quality and great parts including the Hobbywing Max 8 ESC. 20+ foot double backflips? Yes please! You can tell they’re quality trucks, designed and built by Team Magic. Same truck as the “Bird Eating Spider” but $200 cheaper! Plus silver anodizing instead of the odd gold color on the TM truck. This is an American based company, out of Phoenix now, and the one time I did call their service department about a replacement part, I got an American guy that spoke English!! I don’t work for Redcat. My Gen7 is the first one I’ve actually owned. This Gen8 is all their design and they’re grabbing A high up from Axial now as well? I’ve just been an avid RC Hobbyist for many decades and am saying we should keep our eyes on this company and reward them for doing well as much as we’ve been ragging them for years for being cheap. I’ve inadvertently embarrassed a couple buddies with big money rigs with my Gen7 and will be buying a Gen8 based solely on the performance/price ratio RR is throwing down. Soapbox vacancy!! 🙂

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