Unboxing my RC controlled “Johnny 5” robot from Short Circuit

A closer look at this surprisingly well made Johnny 5 figure I got from China.


DaveSimonH says:

It will certainly make a nice display piece for the collection.

dvdmike007 says:

link needed!!

Mr. Potatoes. says:

One problem. If maintenance is required he must be DISASSEMBLED!!!!!!

dvdmike007 says:


snappo channel says:

Where you bought it?

airtec87 says:

where can I buy one besides ebay?

DemonFreddy 665 says:

If you are interested, I am selling a rare German collectors edition of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on eBay, for a pretty good price. If you don’t already have it, here is the link if you are interested http://m.ebay.com/itm/Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre-Very-Rare-German-Collectors-Edition-4-Disc-Set-/122338355327?hash=item1c7bef287f%3Ag%3A7YUAAOSwImRYkpFd&_trkparms=pageci%253Ad126d7e9-e9cd-11e6-9b78-74dbd1806693%257Cparentrq%253A02593b7815a0a6063582f107ffadacf2%257Ciid%253A1

Gerrett Humbaarger says:

Where did you get this one? I checked ebay and couldn’t find it

Carnage6X says:

Yes where did you buy? I must have this!!!

nickstahley36gmail says:

where did you get j5 from an how much are they selling for I’ve been looking for one since I was a kid


please, where did you buy it? I’s amazing! 🙂

Linda mD says:

My favorite robot I would to see mass marketed is Chappie radio controlled !!!

Torque the prisoner says:

the pod is his tools like his screwdrivers and stuff like that

Johnny Five says:


Ruby is Small says:

Can you say we’re you bought it?

the German Printing Nerd says:

would be nice if you would post the links

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