Unboxing MEBO Robot Toy from SkyRocket Toys (FULL REVIEW)

Today we unbox MEBO and see whats in this $150 robot! This is a new robot toy that just came on the market 2016

With 5 different points of articulation and the ability to spin 360º in place, Mebo can grasp, lift and carry nearly anything you set his mind to
Access Mebo remotely to control him from anywhere; in the house or from the other side of the world
With 6 all-terrain wheels and intuitive steering control, Mebo can turn on a dime, and go anywhere you want
Mebo streams straight to your phone or tablet in 720p high definition. So take pictures or record videos to post and share online
Hear what Mebo hears, and even speak through Mebo using the microphone on your device


Grumpy Cat War says:

your luck that you hav that rpbot

neomorph Deacon says:

I got the toy Sunday may 21 2017

Jeffy/Mickey Mouse Spirit says:

Anyone here from SML?

Wolfcake says:

how much money?

SolarizeYourLife says:

Skip to 6:00….

Shannon Nielsen says:

What market

Hannah Stevens says:


ubuytoe says:

Please man, the expression is “off the bat” not “off the back” – it would be great if we could keep these expressions; they mean something. Thanks

Hannah Stevens says:

what does it mean ldk

neomorph Deacon says:

and the toy is stupid please don’t buy

Mirakoff Cindy says:

foc yu the robot no faite

Roshan Basnet says:

hi friend pliz give your chip robot dog

Sugawa The Ultimate Judgement God says:

This is cool guys, the broadcasting is good and the arm as well. I dont know why people are comparing mebo and cozmo. They are both for different consumers.

Celine Carriere says:

me bo is the name

of the robot

Jhapet Ben Cedo says:

Can i have a robot too

alan walker says:


Denise RENKEN says:

I cant get mebo

Katy Sakalis says:

jjaja me gusta ese robot

Gaddam Daniel says:

cozmo is far better than that robot

Melik Alcendor says:

It’s pronounced Mee-bo

Strongfish 21 says:

do a mebo deathmatch

LightingBolt77 says:

do mebo meets cozmo

Conor the Challenger says:

It’s terrible

zurinatasya7678 says:

Yuo belik kat mane jual kat saya

Sugawa The Ultimate Judgement God says:

This is and amazing robot. Its just what I need.
How much is it!

Chasity Mercer says:

For anyone seeing this now, Walmart is selling these for $35 on clearance now.

Syed Shashi says:

do mebo vs cozmo

D. W says:

do an epic battle of two gankers fighting pls pls

rajveer singh kanawat says:

how to buy mebo what is rate

Christopher g says:

thats cool

karime Herrera says:

I know what I’m getting for Christmas this is awesome what about going to your kitchen and asking your mom to give you a soda and she just gives the soda to your robot and you just drive it back to your room so you wouldn’t even have to move

cather Games says:

mebo meets cozmo please

The Real Caleb Little, Paris & Juelz Gaming says:

khan! why did you know that come with me with my house!

Kalpana Kunwar says:

wow u r so lucky

Sofia_slime says:

happy birthday

Dishesh Chauhan says:


André Moreira says:


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