UNBOXING & LETS PLAY! – ZEUS – Moorebot : Ultimate Battle Humanoid Robot w/ 22 Servos!

Today we test out the all mighty $1600 USD Zeus robot by Pilot Labs! Designed for robot fighting enthusiasts, it features 22 metal-geared servo motors. It’s fully articulated, customizable, and capable of generating 25 kg / cm of force in a single punch.

For your own, go to:

Use discount code ZEUSKHAN to get $200 off! It expires JULY 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST

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Shinici says:

wow so stable amazing. why they are not make a real robot like that ? just remake but with big size haha

r a i n o n me says:

This robot think it’s Michael Jackson or some shit

deiki Wardhana says:

Nice.. is that can kick?

UnchartedGamesYT says:

U should make a fight video

Kathy Cornwell says:

this robot is awesome! i can’t wait to see him in battle!

Sangita.Thapa Magar says:

Comparison betweens super Anthonyvs dobi vs Zeus morebot vs t5 hamer head

Frank Foppa says:

i need that

Виталий Орлов says:

Эпическое ГАВНО.

mustak inamdar says:


-[Nikoloz Zagrebnev]- says:

Can some one of your robots jump?

abdullah junaedy says:


sakkarep ku says:

This robot can fight with my cat!

Simien Hill says:

Analog down karate chop was not an attack. It’s more of a ready to fight gesture

Dineshsoni Soni says:


jude serna says:

awesome where that buy

Yogesh Gaur says:

please make a video on Zeus vs super Anthony plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
plz plz

Volt Toys Review says:

Awesome, just too expensive

Artemis Mitsushi says:

Can i have one of that robot

bro MS game says:


rob williams says:

Where can I find one what’s the price

jua'n marque'z says:

Comment back

Haha MissMiss says:

Zeus’ got the Parkinson hand shakes

Robert Serrano says:

I wish I had money to throw away like this

JRC Red says:

That’s friggin cool

jua'n marque'z says:

I’ll pay you $30.00 FOR IT

Proud American says:

$1,500.00 , really …

ronald lazar says:

Does he do more kicking moves

Ethan Pata says:


Priyangshu Ghosh says:

This is cool !!!

ap0lmc says:

I was expecting 2 robots fighting like modern rockem sockem robots

Yuvraj Gupta says:

I will liked all comment but no anybody like my comment

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