UNBOXING & LETS PLAY! – T5 HammerHead Shark Robot : Ultimate Fighting Humanoid Robot by Tri Robot

Today we test out the famous T5 HammerHead robot! This tall yet strong robot is well built and packs a heavy punch at 35kg per cm! With its long arms and quick response, its a great robot for anyone into bot fighting!

Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/trirobotics/

Buy your own at: https://triroboticx.wordpress.com/2016/08/04/t5-hammerhead-shark-2/

Product Spec:
Dimension : 490h x 390w x 198d
Weight : 2.99kg
Control unit : PeterOne Servo Controller & USB Adapter
Communication : BlueTooth
Battery : 5000mAh – for Servo, 900mAh – for Control Unit
Servo : 17pcs Roboard RS-1270 ( 35kg.cm @ 7.4v ) ( 0.11sec @ 60 degree )


blitzhope says:

you mean per cm square??

Izal IzAl says:

Triste pero sierto :””v

Izal IzAl says:

Like si hablas español y no entendiste ni madres de lo que dijo :v

A H says:

$18,500 HKD

Mohan Gurung says:

This is a real robot

Haktan Kaçmaz says:

How did they not made the pacific rim robots?!?!

RealiableCandy4 says:

Designer1: how many servos should we put?
Designer 2: all of them.


Saaga beats it baaad

unglaubich uberlieber says:

there is one movement i did not see…can this robot make a entire u-turn, ie. 180 degree turn

Netty Voyager says:

my beastly bot i call BALTY has 29 servos 😛

#mynameisshourya says:

Do make the first Montage of each robot coz they are really awesome

The x says:

Why chinese

Yetty Afriyanti says:

Who you krezi

Games Online says:

Hello Friend. a query. I’m doing a project and I would like to know how many servomotors this robot has? thank you very much

sexy korean girl says:

is it battlefield ready?

aniruddha mindstrom says:

in indian ruppes its 162094.87 to costly in hkd it is 18500

Edie Boland says:

Coming Soon….zues is ready go fight T5

B Vanlalruati says:

An lbx or a yeager

Jacob Wells says:

Ok, which damn Kaiju tore off Crimson Typhoon’s third arm???????

Bobby Broadway says:

I’d add a fpv cam to the head

Cess M says:

hammerhead shark robot versus Zeus

karan agarwal says:

apne ya kaha sa liya

Spirech Khan says:

if u need more u can contact me

Netty Voyager says:

that is cheating a bit because each hand has 5 separate servos so he can grip objects tightly and other preform other tasks robots with no hands can 🙂 i think he is the worlds first fully automated bio humanoid robot and i deigned it 😛

Spirech Khan says:

is there any giveaway

Sune Rih says:

Itu belinya dimana

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