Transformers The Last Knight Autobot Squeaks Remote Control Toy Unboxing Review

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xaviertoybox says:

movie fix _it

Christine Marquez says:

It’s a droid robot fight

MisterBassBoost says:


#1pandaprimefan that loves his vids says:

U could use him as a flash light XD

MisterBassBoost says:


Shuheng Wu says:

I got that for 20 pounds

PZ 1 says:

Hey dude i got this toy and he is cute

The zana says:

Fuck you

Hannah East says:

How do you get his eyes to glow blue?

SingingBananas Rock says:

Haha this is awesome! Great video 😀

Christine Marquez says:

Nice Bot that’s cute when he plays with R2d2 you should have BB8 play with squeaks also .Disney store should make a interactive C3p0

ScarecrowFear Productions says:

After All Its A Great Movie. I Saw It Last Night… At The Drive In..

Josh Hall says:

My remote doesn’t work for my squeaks how do I get it to work?

FullstopLX55 says:

Down to £17.49 in The Entertainer, gonna get one at that price.

SuperSorrell says:

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Jibreel Khandker says:

Any on off button?

kelly mills says:

Who knows how to turn him on

evilstricker 619 says:

i saw the movie and it was good awesome vid

alejandra bravo says:

Omg I need this!!!!

Cubejam says:

saw the movie last week and to be honest it had absolutely no redeeming qualities. Always like seeing some NEW Transformers but this one not so much. It’s just a cheap rip-off of Wall-E mixed with BB-8 as a sidekick for a character that wasn’t needed either. Surprisingly he was given a massive major role in one part of the movie. Very good toy nether the less!

vycentus el mandaloriano says:

awesome men is soo cool

Movie maker Cervantes says:

How much does it cost

James T says:

Great video man! That’s pretty cool! Too bad your 35

Christine Marquez says:

that Bot eyes looks so bright and he looks like a friend of WALLY from the pixar movie

Luis Sosa says:

I just bought this as a Christmas gift for my 7 year old I can’t wait

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