The Robot Rattle Snake Review

Well AliShanMao survives the Robot Rattle Snake Attack in previous video and brings the RC Rattle snake review right to your Computer screens. Now that’s some dedication to doing reviews. Have fun with this video. Comments and feedback welcome at , or Don’t forget to visit and Subscribe to



I’m not sure you can go on the moon with this but cute video lol

HentaiSamurai says:

if you are deaf and retarded.

LatvianRC says:

God idea to take ot snakes brain loool

Xnaron says:

I was sad when you didn’t show the snake moving on the ground in your video 🙁

fabalfa says:

loud piece of crapppp

Flyin' Ryan RC says:

There is an Animal Planet branded version of this snake, available at Toys R Us.

nbhumble says:

May be you should just get into rc boats, submarines or something then when it doesn’t stop raining you won’t get bored…or work on developing all-weather flying vehicles…and fly them fpv from the comfort of your 🙂

womackke says:

u gotta show it moving!

nintendogod12 says:

Haha sweet. I like these weird toy reviews 😉

CrashNburnRC says:

WHAT?? you didn’t show it moving! I wonder why you didn’t drive it around?????


im gonna scare the shit out of the dogs

What's Next? says:

DUDE!!! run the damn thing

Ken Liaaa says:

“Not very long but good enough” – that’s what she said. HAHHAHAah.

MiNameIsJake says:

again, great video, the controller looks like a poo!

Potato 4 Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner says:

are you still going to do 3d with the Walkera HM 4F200LM ?

MiNameIsJake says:

whats miriams job? or could you put ur GoPro on the snake???

YTnew2012 says:

Are you fucking kidding me? Over 3 minutes and you didn’t demonstrate it at all? TOTAL FAIL.

Shakes 73 says:

When I get old and my “junk” stops workn I may need one of these hahaha

Sam Lee says:

poop button?

kidovate says:


Sam Lee says:

sperm button?

sir crashalot says:

u dont have to review everything, we would understand if u take a day or two off.

Asid Dragon says:

Waffle smake?? lol well why dont u show the shit workling? lame

filiplou says:

You should add a clip of it actually running

bigb9854 says:

7th win!!!!

RcLlamadude says:

it does WHAT in the box?!?!?

jakesky100 says:


Tyler H says:

LOL! The middle button looks like a sperm! Boy do you have some haters! Your funny though!

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