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The only reason we picked this robot up is because of its strong resemblance to the $9000 robot. Unlike the $9,000 robot, the JJRC R2 Cady Wida only costs about $25. Boasting hand control, music, and programming, what do you think about this intelligent robot? Let us know in the comments.

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Bene C says:

Ha ha could drive the cat next door bonkers keep it out of are yard ha ha

hamza irfan says:

Please do a give away last time I didn’t won

md3631 says:

lol, cool 🙂

Christopher Moltisanti says:

It’s worth it even just for decoration

Dalton325 says:

Put it in gesture mode and set it down with Popeye.

Dennis S says:

In looking at the demo video on Gearbest I do not think you did the hand gesture correctly, and they are on flash sale right now at Gearbest for $21, compared to my ZoomerDino that I paid $80, this NAO clone is bargain , there is also a new R3 version you need to check out, Down to $18 at Banggood

Walkers Stuff says:

Great video. Get em peanut.

Bill Johnson says:

Neat. Different. Would like to see you do more robot vids.

Gusto choo choo says:

He is so cute

Ron Brown says:

I agree with you guys, I will save my $25 for now, maybe the next version will be better.

Sams bike hacks says:

Could u review the wltoys 10428-b Polaris

Jason Saez says:

Oh man, those “Robot Sounds”, I sure hope you don’t get banned for R2-D2 reproduced sounds! LOL, that is funny.

RC Bulldog says:

Definitely a swing and a miss! Cheesy music and voice . One hour runtime isn’t much good if you’re bored within the first five minutes. Thanks for the review as I was thinking of getting one for my grandson but I will pass on this one. Cheers!


looks like nao but sure don’t act like nao

Giochi con Dana says:

We also have the same robot! Come to see how we dance with him! We love him!

Nova Vortex says:

REVEIW THE LiteHawk Nomad!!! leave a like if you agree.

Yuanzhe Cui says:

the ultimate moon walk

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Target practice for an RC car mabe. Yeah, not terribly exciting. You had some other ones much more fun than that. I wondered why those were so cheap, guess I know why now, lol.

Husky Studios says:

I remember as a little kid wanting one of these thinking $27,000 wasn’t that much money because Santa could build it cheaper lol!

Pandrew's magic says:

(I don’t know why do you have to give up, but DO NOT GIVE UP!)


Cool robot!!

Cam row drone says:

It has moon walk cool

Mr Gauss says:

Hey RCS, just wanted to say “thanks” again for my MJX B8. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Took it out over the weekend –

tinman 1017 says:

There can only he one “first” and it surely isn’t me.

James Jones says:

You get what you pay for when it comes to function.

Noemi Kremic says:

how much did you by it and were?.

Mark Collette says:

I like your videos. I would see if he has bullet avoidance.

Sandra Qi says:

Better to buy the UBTech Alpha Pro 1 instead

Erwin Orval says:

You pronounce it wrong. Yeah have to say it something like this: Nah Yo. i’m dutch so don’t know how to explain it better 😉

Charlie Wall says:

Hello The robot it It ah I thought that was a Chinese Alarm clock, The video is the best thing about that it’s cool.But now the Cheerson GPS box Nate u”r only human. U bring up a point I have been struggling I get notifyed for all types of DEAL and I see GPS click on it and I don’t know what is what in pics I see like 3 different quods.How do you no what you could possibly be paying for? Last Q&A for today probably,I am likening the Bugs seem to be closest to my affordability I see Bugs every site I go to but I don’t know are they all same brand I think everyone is making versions I want the real one any thoughts

Kevalino Picks says:

Every day is Christmas in your house! Love it!

Raymond Spadaro says:

The real NAO Robot if you said move backwards then it would say it is unsafe and it wouldn’t fall off the table. I would know I have a real NAO robot.

RC Mania says:

Nate…. Dance for Me!!!! Ha Great catch….

Gusto choo choo says:

Best knock off nao toy

joe girty says:

Put a propeller on his head and then we got something cool.

Mark Murphy says:

Saving to get a drone. I am thinking of the Bugs2w. Would you recommend that drone or is there another one you would recommend that is better in that price range? Love all the Videos keep them coming. Thank you for your help!

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