Star Wars The Force Awakens | BB-8 Remote Control Droid Toy by Hasbro Review

This is the un-boxing and review of the Star Wars, The Force Awakens remote control BB-8 droid toy by Hasbro, a Target Exclusive.

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One thing I didn’t spend too much time on, is that the droid randomly talks and moves it’s head when you leave it still.

Music: Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner (Medley)” by London Symphony Orchestra, John Williams


Silent Cat says:

Does it work on carpet?

Adarsh Reddy says:

can it speak on its own and explore on its own

Owen McCafferty says:

I’d rather buy this one than the Spero because it’s bigger and way worth it! I bet!!!

_tk_j2169_ says:

The sphero too me is way too small and pricy lol

Tempe Time says:

BB8 RC is so cool! great video! i want one of these someday! subbed and liked! maybe visit our channel if you have some time!

Guitar T says:

What kind of a droid is that

Angel Lombera says:

where did you get it how much did it cost!

i couldn't think of a name says:

how do you turn it off I just got mine 5 minutes ago and I don’t want it to die

Felix Nayroh says:

is it charger or battery

Sue Doe says:

$10- at showcase stores, canada

Julio Sanchez says:

how long will the battery last you?

My Trains nl says:

Nice intro and in netherlands €80

joaquin mesias says:

I like more spheros one

The GeekTubers says:

I love both Sphero and the remote control BB-8! I want this one because this is huge and it looks beautiful! I do have Sphero and I got to admit I love it! I do want this one as well because I would love to have this in my room as a decoration and I would live to drive this one outside with The Sphero BB-8!

Adrik Edel says:

q chidooooohhhh

R.Rama Adhypoetra says:

how tall is this BB-8…?

TheGaming Carrot says:

I’ve got this. Does anyone know how to make it roll faster?

Scarlett Frenette says:

you shoud put marbles so it balans

Robo Productions l-/ says:

This is 60$ at Walmart.

tigerfanman says:

not bad but i got the real bb-8 from sphero 🙂

kathiexrn says:

I got it for $99 at target australia

XxPacerzxX Goku says:

the sphero one is cooler

Patrick Caron says:

Now On sale!
26% #OFF!
#StarWars #BB8 #Disney
#Amazon 51,81$
#Walmart 69,92$
#TheForceAwakens #geek

Mark wild says:

Did not look good. Maeby next time try getting the better one ok

Robo Fried says:

I got mine on force friday. the $80 is wayyyyy to much for it. don’t get me wrong, very cool item but loud and cheaply made.

VitaTheVA ! says:


Cal6009 says:

Do you mean, some scissors? I mean that’s how we Earthlings say it…

PlayzTV says:

This is under 20 at GameStop online

المراهق المراهق says:


GeneralMcBoss says:

this is at wallmart for half your money but i would get this one for kids rather then sphero because your gonna have to get the app to use it

Nicole Bowen says:


Aston Boys says:

I got this at big w

wolf11 says:

wow not sure if it worth the 80 dollars maybe 30 at the most i also order the real one should be here next week ‘I mean he is cool looking though

Donald J. Trump says:

So you can’t use iPhone remote on it

Segautism says:

do the batteries come with it

LadyVendettaAngel says:

I got mine with the Target Discount. I think it’s overpriced, but it’s cute. The head falls off though but if you put it on right, it stays. It’s not fast like the 150 dollar one (or so it seems). I’m having fun annoying people with it. 😉

Teoria Da Zoeira says:


Manuel Radam says:

i love bb-8 remote controled toy

Ponce2170 says:

This one is better than the sphero one imo, its ways bigger.

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