Spin Master Hero Droid BB-8 review

Testing the new Spin Master Hero Droid BB-8 after its first charge out of the box.







Maroke La says:


AKUMA says:

That little guy has a lot of personality…..thanks for sharing. sub + liked

Din Alaee says:

holy crap so many droids

the messiah man says:

It’s on sale at Target for $100 right now. It will say $150 but after you add to cart on the website it will be discounted to $100

SB So Cool 1 says:

Hey when you compared the size to the real one why did it say on the box it was gonna be the actual size.I️ wanted a real looking bb-8.Spin master make it better next time.

Malek Tv Gaming Live says:

This thing worked for about an 30 min then the body light keeps flashing on and off battery is fully charged nad tried different channels but get the same problem.

robert c says:

looks cool but that sound when is moving is a big downer for me…

LoLo_Goes_CuCu4Country says:

Should I get the luke skywalker dark series lightsaber or this? I cannot decide?!?! Help please!

Bob Mat says:

starting the video …and i`m already like :O …..real size Wall-E , EVE, BB-8 and R2-D2? the force is strong with this one.

nodata78 says:

Where do you get Wally?

Beautyis_sinful l says:

Where did u get the walle

kcwilcox1 says:

Where did you get the huge Eva from wall-e? Very nice!

Chuckey 2015 says:

I don’t see why it’s worth $150.

Stephani Schiren says:

My parents got my step son one for Christmas. I think they might keep it though, my mom has grown attached to it!

Otis Dobbins says:

This guy really loves robots do you see those robots in the back especially Eve lol

Patrick DeHart says:

This is awesome! Thanks for the review. I’m having a Star Wars Wedding and would love to have this B.B-8 there

iiTz Dillon says:

I wanna live in this guys home.

Moses Hernandez says:

is he actual size from movie

Dan Williams says:

Very good video, thank you so much. Mine doesn’t stay upright, the head leans slightly. Is there a reset for this maybe? before I take a screw driver to it. Any ideas? Thank you.

marisol diaz says:

Bb8 is so cute

vfx photos says:

Great video! This one is pretty maneuverable and has great interaction but the head does fall off pretty easy when you crash into things.

ToFester says:

Needs to have a video camera added to it.

Michael Stothard says:

Man you have some cool toys !. Can I come over for dinner ! Lol

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