Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball – Full Review

This is my review of the Sphero 2.0, a robotic ball that uses iOS or Android to control.

For more info: http://www.gosphero.com

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Ed's Random Martinez says:

that thing does not go 2 m/s looks too slow for that

SquirtleSquadZ says:

I think the only thing that sets it off is the Price…

sagitariojhon says:

interesting little thing

VenomComiq says:

Do you know if the BB8 can moves as fast as this one?

David Benia says:

You gotta buy a bonus pack edition which has nubby all terrain cover, don’t get surprised its not driving on grass.

Hesham Hegazy says:

Nice Review , I’ll buy one ,…. Especially for my cat ( Lollosh )

xx3xxx says:

ejaculate onto it — great game, without the app

themcpeplayer hq says:

My mom will buy two in two weeks

Fun Time says:

I am using this for computer class. And next class we are going to do coding with it.

Therival says:

No way in hell my buying this only 1 hour of use and 4 to 5 hour charge not worth it fuck that

Luqman Hakim says:

sorry looks like bb 8

Michelle Molitov says:

So I got this for my cat, she loves it.

Kika Intros says:

I keep on thinking that when i order this, i will get bored shortly because of the apps. I really don’t know if i should get it. Please help me!

Rayan Kabir says:

How much was it

HomeOwnerRepair says:

This is a pretty cool toy, we bought our kids one. They have a lot of fun playing with it.

Alex Da Lyen says:

If you get this robot, make sure you get the nubby case or the speed case so you have more traction, and it doesn’t get scratched or dirty. If you do not get the case then you can just use it on carpet and indoor tile so it is not scratched.

The Werners says:

Hi Were did you get your sphero ball?

James Luu says:

His voice sound like Stephen hawkings computer voice.

ZombieSnaks Gaming says:

RC Cars last over an hour. Helicopters and planes on the other hand don’t last as long because they need lighter batteries. An hour is average.

Gabriel Sandstedt says:

They should do a version with cameras on it (a bit clamped in so they dont get scratched) to record in 360 degrees fov and using a gyroscope so the view stays aligned to the ground. Then this could be seen through a virtual reality headset in 360 degrees. Now that would be an awesome invention!

xx3xxx says:

if you step on it and trip over, will the ball cry for you

Samuel Garcia says:

If they had a iPhone charge like that tha would be great

Gamther gaming says:

you didn’t hit don’t show again thats why

ManzaZappers says:


Fei Fei Friedman says:

Oh no their a “dont show again ” button maybe that will help. Duh

StarWarsSuperFan4Life says:

3:54 Zombie Land?!?! “The Rolling Dead”

Feliciano Tavares says:


Ahmed Hill says:

Does it come with the charger

lestat34208 says:

darn too big to be a pool ball fr a joke 🙁

Nati H says:

Too much!

PizzaZane says:

So you have to get points to get the full speed from this thing? or can you just do like a free drive and not have to get points or anything to drive at max speed?

Mandy van Dijk says:

My cats will love it!

TheLimeSlime Joeguy101 says:

I wish you could rent things like this

thomas grant says:

This looks more fun if you have cats 😀

Mark Ahrens says:

Have you reviewed the sphero Sprk which includes block-based programming?

Aleksandar Zivanovic says:

there is “Don’t show again” option 🙂

Alex Da Lyen says:

My school uses these for our robotics club

Deimos Station says:

Useless stuff… A lot of people buying for their cats (not for themselves uh), others lost in their existential trauma… To buy or not to buy??? I cannot believe we are becoming such stupid brainless idiots…

parnmkie says:

bb-8 brought me here ^_^

Will Black says:


GAMERA SAURE bongar says:

how much is it

Archer says:

need web camera 🙁

Cosmo Dookie says:

if you call that sphero a robot, you might also call a common rc car a robot..

revv fifteen says:

would you buy the off road shel?

Jorge Gamaliel Frade Chávez says:

Very very nice, in fact there are a lot of applications for sphero.

SL_Chruiz says:

can you make it follow you? hands free?

StarWarsSuperFan4Life says:

2:01 You need to Hit “Dont Show Again” Thats why its popping up everytime you start the application.

Ben Cutter says:

(5:40) lists different examples of water locations for the audience -__-

Jeremy Nyberg says:

So, it just lights up and rolls around? Does it do anything else?

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