Roboraptor Blue Robot Dinosaur Toy for Kids Review by Kinder Playtime

Today on Kinder Playtime we have the Roboraptor Blue a robot dinosaur toy for kids by WowWee Toys! We have gotten to review the Robosapien X before the Roboraptor Blue dinosaur and one thing we disliked is having to us the IR Remote control on it. Fortunately, the Roboraptor Blue dinosaur robot allows for Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones that make this dinosaur toy much more responsive. Jacob absolutely loves it and can’t stop playing with it.

About the WowWee Roboraptor Blue Robot Dinosaur Toy

The age of the ruling reptiles isn’t over when you start enjoying the WowWee Roboraptor Blue. This impressive 32″ long robot dinosaur features mood-specific behaviors and sounds, natural body motions and fluid, two-legged movements. It responds to the environment and features touch sensors in the tail, chin and mouth as well as sonic sensors. The infrared vision system detects approaching objects, and the powerful jaws can bite, pull and play games. For fun options to control this awesome robot, you can use the remote control (included) or the app for your Bluetooth LE smart device (free download).

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arnold oliver says:

Kid you convince me to buy one thank you

Zouss says:

I was using my Roboraptor then I saw this video.. So cute!

HappTown l LaGGeRFeeD says:

вы дураки у вас тупой канал

Snappy Face says:

For words good, sense, of, imagination

Bellepaw and Lexpaw says:

or i maen littler

Nintendudes 505 says:

I like how you respond to all your comments and your kids are so adorable.i love your videos,keep up the good work 🙂

tuyet phan says:

I have the mini raptor and the big one but not blue

*_Trash_* says:

my dog is scared of my MiPosaur and Zoomer Dino so she will be scare of RoboRaptor BLUE

Sallu Khan says:

it is so! prehitorical

Mohamed Mahdioui says:

I hap indominus rex zoom

Waffle Wolfie says:

Click my youtube icon to see my roboraptor vid

darkwolf aj animal jam play wild says:

my frend has 1i like yours

9 year ols says:

Nice video

Jurassic Kam says:

He’s so funny he reminds me when I was young and scared of my roboraptor

Xxx_Agustin Gallardo_Xxx says:

I hate it

Nintendudes 505 says:

He is so cute and funny!!i subscribed 🙂

Bellepaw and Lexpaw says:

i have the same one but mine is smoler.

XxWTG456xX says:

This kid seems a little spoilt by the background I mean look at all the toys behind him! Is his parents rich or is he just really lucky!?!?! I’m not hating btw I like this vid!

M Johnson says:

mines gray

Preston 89 Cartoons says:

can’t stop freaking cringing and I got cancer from watching this

Devil's Advocate says:

Oh wow. The roboraptor has gotten so much cooler. I had the older version when I was younger. This one walks a lot better and the app thing is so cool. Also your kid is so cute! Great job!

PK says:

I have and dog scared of robo raptor blue

Fusion_Supreme says:

I turn them on

tuyet phan says:

Did you buy the blue robo raptor on Amazon or did you buy him at a store or did you just paint him?

Nikola Bulatovic says:

supr roboraptor its col

Dan Clark Limarez says:

275 trolls thumbs down a kid. Monsters.

AndrewG. TheCoolBoy says:

I roar sounds like a fart

Vihan Ellis says:

en que almacen lo venden

Omega TV says:

Kinder is German!

Xxx_Agustin Gallardo_Xxx says:

Kill me


I have one of them there really good

Sa Xrrt says:

ขชบรใืิิืใทืิ อ

funtime foxy says:

it is so funny

Ricardo HDA says:

Very funny!

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