[REVIEW] Nerf TerraScout Recon | RESKIN OR UPGRADE?

Recon version: http://amzn.to/2rMICGm
OG version: http://amzn.to/2DOr1m2
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le Table of Contents

00:04 – Intro
00:31 – Unboxing
01:10 – Product Overview
09:31 – OG/Recon Comparison Intro
10:36 – Camera demo
12:27 – Firing demo
13:40 – Drag race
15:05 – Jousting
16:32 – OG/Recon differences
18:33 – Recon version personal opinion
21:00 – Conclusion
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Video review of the Nerf N-Strike Elite TerraScout Recon, a remote control tank featuring a fully automatic, magazine fed blaster and a live-streaming camera system.
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Video review of the OG Terrascout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4Bnb9pmOMs
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Jesse renz Fennema says:

14:10 that cat

Bailey W says:

Put a 50 drum on it

Tanishq khurana says:

What is the cost of it.

LuckyDuck says:

Can’t you just buy a separate drum for the original terrascout


Now I wonder when we’ll get a drone that can do all this (minus driving) and fly. The terrordrone

generic scout says:

i get sad viewing your vids cuz i know i will never have cool nerfs,not even off brands cuz this things are really expensive in my contry

sandra stanley says:

Ram Guard adorable more like EPICCCC

TRZN 7 says:

You should’ve judged the race by their time just if you didnt sync the start


I modded my terrascout to hold a camera (a better quality one) and used my phone (i also modded the controller to hold my phone) ( just glued and taped a selfie stick) and now i am more accurate

MCWDD says:

Hey so who wants to see the new 50 round drum on this thing

Blue Berry says:

it’s a Jolt Re-Skin

on wheels

Eat a Purrito says:

view count is 666k

Terran wyvern_clan says:

It’s a jolt reskin

Kim Chi says:

and also if you get the new titan cs 50, 50 round clip that would be cool

Dane Zaia says:

its just a jolt reskin why is is this vid 20 minutes.

PapaNinja II says:

Cool, a jolt with wheels

Taleb Levine says:

I love this guy


Just wait until we put the 50 round drum in this

The Electric Penguin says:

It is a jolt reskin

MR. NOOB says:

Le sword fight

LittlePantherG says:

What if you modded this to go on your shoulder

ironmaster says:

15:26 the chainsaws look like they’re actually spinning

TbS Peak says:

It’s a jolt reskin

SicleCutlas says:

dat drone wabble do


Bob Bob says:

Pay extra 20$ for pornhub paintjob

Thebeastgamer 2019 says:

4:44 nasty naughty coop bad idea no hacking

Silvanodrago says:

To save your precious 20 minutes the terrascout recon is pretty much a reskin

baskoro tejo says:

your cat seems like doesnt give a sh*t

Justin Da Noob says:

How to defeat the terrascout

Step 1. Approach terrascout
Step 2. Eject Mag/drum
Step 3. Steal mag/drum
Step 4. Laugh

Alexandor Aartsen says:

9:14 nyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Max Otto says:

And if an enemy player picks it up?

Varun Somwanshi says:

Jus BUY a billion jolts

Crimson's Fang says:

Mine was ran over by a car RIP 200 dollars.

MR. NOOB says:

Ain’t it obvious? ITS A JOLT RESCIN!!!!!!!

Empire Captains says:

A mobile TF2 Sentry … But you’re the one shooting…

Razer says:

The terrascout is just like remote-controlled Hexbug 4:38.

Supertony Jr says:

Rip Toys r us we’ll miss u :(((

Kim Chi says:


Michael Cima says:

It’s a walking deploy

Empire Captains says:

I wonder… Attaching a nerf maginze on top of the tank’s blaster… ?

Big Chungus says:

It’s a Jolt reskin.


You can carry it on a sling and use it like a pocket Cerberus from BO3

Landon Meyer says:

you should do a worlds longest nerf gun with the 3d printed flywheel barrels

J Playz says:

Its not a reskin, ITS A JOLT RESKIN

Bob The Builder says:

They should have made it tactically detachable so you can buy separate turrets

FBI says:

This isn’t anything like a Rc. A Traxxas rc can have any ANY part replaced and nerf tanks if like one part brakes there done. NERF RC TANK AND CRAP ARE CCRRRAAAAPPPPP. You can put any ANY camera on an rc. I put a GoPro and I could put a cannon camera on an rc. BUT a good rc costs $600 for one like mine.

NOTE: This isn’t a hate comment, your my favorite YouTuber so don’t hate me lmfao

Blue Berry says:

3:16 how could you lose something as big as a RC SMG Tank?

LuckyDuck says:

Btw I haven’t checked the price of the separate drum

generic scout says:

i bouth a knock-off gopro that can record in 4k (i dont thing it can,but,i think the max is 720,what is not bad,is hd,but,in the box and in the menu it say 4k) and it can make a live feed to a phone using a app,and the price was 100 reals (brasilian money,yes,im BR) that is something close to 25 dollars

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