[REVIEW] Nerf Terradrone (Combat Creatures) Unboxing, Review, & Firing Test

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Video review and operating demo of the new Nerf Combat Creatures Terradrone. This is a remote control (RC) toy that is capable of moving and firing with a wireless controller.
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Lunar Fazer says:


Eb Mario says:

could you mod this to both shoot and walk faster?

HeadshotHero says:

finally have scorestreaks for my nerfs war

Kevin Cho says:

You’re cat is so cute

TheGameCommentator says:

Terradrone? More like TerrIBLE

???? Mimikyu says:

this is the most stupid nerf ever. problems: legs, aiming, fire rate, velocity or movement speed, remote, noise

Dylann Serrano says:

the terrascout is so much better

il robotube youtube says:

is cool!!!!

Noah Meanix says:

“That is exactly how slow this pathetic piece of garbage is.”

Striking Cheetah says:

Love your cat.

Wyatt Briggs says:

1:12 RIP headphone users

Bryan Mayfield says:

You should compare the speed of the terra drone vs the terra scout

adri DiamondBoy says:


Shark Assassin says:

Terradrone: a deploy strapped to a slow spider

jacky says:

The cats reaction to the toy lololol

Jacob Hoffman says:

I have a nerf gun I have a drone uuh nerfdrone

Tex says:

plz do a review on your cat!

Joey Ifko says:

Nerf terra drone vs nerf terra scout

Braza Brandon says:

I modified mine to shoot super fast and far, and I made the legs bigger

MaxGamer LV says:

i dont care if terradrone sux i want it

N-U gaming says:

this gun is a scam like if you agree

Anthony Ayer says:

that cat looked so freaked out

Archeaic Meumees says:

The cat got triggered

foxymotorcycle rock says:

I think it looks sick and moves so cool

Ethan Nguyen says:

It’s a cat

Hazmat 101 says:

It’s not trash

Läskiga saker ? says:

Bra video

Djkelly07 Playz says:

€20 Piece Of Shit Who Would Even Want To Buy This Slow Shit, Slower Than My Nanny

Huiying Deng says:

U have a cat!?

Ibad 850 says:

Tactical cat at 1:40

St George Alpine says:

you should of shot at the cat

Ehcool 594 says:

I can see why u put this as 3rd worst nerf gun

mango_monster pets says:

i love your vids

yolo bana0100 says:

That thing sucks

RadioactiveBlast says:

I don’t need to have it for myself to conclude that thing would be very not-fun. Too slow, can’t control gun-elevation to any substantial degree, and shooting is disgusting.

swag pokemon909 says:

the controller looks like a sega genisis controller

Nexus3160 1 says:

the cat is scared

Geek Gaming Studios says:

Lol cat so scared

Cheese Gaming says:

i was going to get a t
erradrone for my birthday but now I’m goig to get a terrascout

Oscar Strachan says:

The remote is a total ripoff of the SEGA geniuses remote

Maria Miranda says:

open che

Jasmin Akhtar says:

Good thing this is not in a series so I can use this unlike the terrascout

Tyler Miller says:

Another jolt reskin

CuBeKiDxD says:

I don’t think this is from the flywheel master race….

Jxjshshsa Jcjsjdjdjs says:

the terrascout is a lot better

IamOK HD says:

the cat when he moves it

Andrew Nikeshin says:


Zimmel entertainment says:

That thing is awesome!!

Hi Hello says:

Who else here is watching this in 2017

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