[REVIEW] Nerf Elite Terrascout Unboxing, Review, & Firing Test

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Table of Contents:
Unboxing – 0:16
External Overview – 1:19
Firing/Operation Demo – 7:35
Chronograph Results – 9:44
Opinion – 13:55
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TheScienceWay says:

It’s a rapidstrike on wheels!!!

Pug boi says:

Remember coop every nerf blaster is just a jolt reskin

Bartosz Czerwiński says:


Shraddha Patel Bhansali says:

Do vortex warrior

Preston Garvey says:

What wins this or rival nemesis

Meme says:

I would buy it for $90 – 110 but $200? That’s to much for that

cool cottoon35 says:

says use alkine batteries uses duracel

kelli nunez says:

Have you ever had a problem with the remote not syncing? Ours works sometimes but most of the time it just keeps searching.

gaming addict says:

it’s akkkkkkkllllll terain

Billi Salim says:

The nerf camera is so nosy

Ylog Boy says:

The fly wheel speed thing happens on the stryph

Nathan Aurelio says:

It is not very good accuracy but it is really fast at shooting

Rodri smith says:

How long should I charge it for

The Everything Guy says:

Would you personally use it as an effective secondary?

gamerboy says:

Now nerf is rainbow six siege

Eagle Clan says:

Btw, for 30 bucks more you can get a all blacked out version with a 35 round drum

Creeper Productions GMA says:

Not tank, more like mobile turret. Tanks fire rockets. These shoot darts/bullets.

Shraddha Patel Bhansali says:


Skit Man says:

I got the toys r us black recon terrascout. It’s neat!

MLG Epic Wolves says:

This is like the tf2 sentry if you dont move the tank so u can just shoot people

Battery Charge says:

Make a new nerf wish list Frank Cooper

anggito - gaming HCR2 and HCR :3 says:

go to 7:35

Aaron Fay says:

It’s a quip not a magazine Coop!

Hermenetor 456 says:

Star wars Nerf blasters are weank

Adriana Arellano says:

Does it go up and doun

Ethan Mensah-Baah says:

you could attach the radio and lie down and just shoot

Kevin Gonzalez says:

Coop772:8round stick mag.
Me:18round stick mag.

Alvaro Alvarez says:

Dam I’ve seen like five videos and I’m going to sup

Bentry J Brown Jr says:

Coop772 do a review on the terrascout recon
With features a 35 dart drum
Give me a terrascout recon at end of your review.

Trexytrewq 1 says:

How many darts got wasted by running them over

Nicholas Robinson says:

I got the terrascout today


Pause at 9:25

Dis boi headless

cool boys2764 gaming says:

In NC it’s $299

Miguel Marqueti Sathler says:

assault drone .understanders will understand

nathan denekamp says:

For a quality rc tank you are looking at 150 usd before remote, fpv, Nerf gun, batteries, and charger

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