[REVIEW] Foam Flinging RC Robot Space Armor Warriors Six-legged Spider

Purchase link: http://www.banggood.com/2_4G-Intelligent-RC-Robot-Space-Armor-Warriors-Six-legged-Spider-Robot-p-1014380.html?utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=cussku&utm_campaign=4730323_1014380&utm_content=1703

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ItzCalvin// Dos says:

You should compare this space armor warrior rc robot to the terradrone

[Error- 404] says:

it looks like the 6 legged nerf drone

*DankFrog 123 says:

What a ripoff

Endestroyer says:

Show me the manual

TheBAWserTheBetter says:

That rate of fire though

Izzul Hafiy says:

the green button is for AI

swiper no swiping, bitch says:

holy shit i have the same exact rc toy


Terrascout master race



Minecraft Redstoner says:

why is there a mess of nerf darts on the floor

Devon Mccandies says:

they copy nerf

Sam Williams says:

some stickers more like a lot

Ysabel Paragas says:

What the crap dude it’s awesome teach him to sing

BIG NERF 17 says:

vs terradrone

Life Of Srdjan says:

try the terrascout

JaKsNERF, reviews and showcase says:

Who needs a knockoff terradrone the original was bad enough

IDoesThis 115 says:

4:40 that face tho!

Guillermo A. Kaelin says:

The Terradrone will always be better cause it’s original

christopher delgado says:

do a tera drone v spider

nerdcube hd says:

that’s a rip off of the nerf one

Michael Berger says:

i think the green button mode is a “single player mode”, like trying shooting that thing when it moves, maybe …

exterminador de swag says:

i can use elite darts

Bromine says:

Music name please

Marshall Marshall says:

Tats not intimidating

flamewolf says:

it’s a jolt reskin

theherthstonemaster says:

not a ripoff of the Terra drone at all coop

Sisbro 125 says:

Do you dump all those darts on the floor or do you never clean up XD

SchildtnNerfer says:

Do nerf terradrone vs this thing

Ldcruiser says:

Please just go to my YouTube channel

Beaver Palsimon says:

I have that

No Bear26 says:

do not get this i got one and it broke in 20 mins

Seven Rodriguez says:

Its a jolt reskin.

Ben Bekkema says:

Tactvol dance moven not inclused

Gawen Sturgeon says:

Maybe the button is a victory dance. Who knows?

Luke Crawford says:

i thought coop made this video to show people he can mod

happy cactus says:

i remember and still have it probably

Sonny H. says:

What if you taped it to the Terrascout????•Ο•

100 subs no vids? says:

I should mod it to be shoulder mounted and full auto

Samuel Sullivan says:

the teradrone was intimidating

a NERFER's LIFE says:

Armor warriors six legged spider vs. terradrone

Sean Becker says:

Do a versus video with this and the terra drone

lego man Nicky.Z says:

its not intimidating

Dalton B says:

Hey me and my dad’s cousin modified my TerraDrone now it moves faster and more quiet and holds more darts

a NERFER's LIFE says:

I have one

The8bitFreak says:

If you somehow manage to make its legs longer without making them to heavy and make the gun fire a bit faster and longer you could make it war capable or try to make your own big war drone and become a mechanic.

Put dispenser here!

Abe Salas says:

What’s with the mega darts at faring

Julian Urias 104 says:

What are the crono readings?

AGuyInTheCrowd says:

His boy band should be called “Le Cranks”

Le+ Coop/Frank= Le Cranks

jacky says:

is that the newest North Korea weapon?

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