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Here at Really RAD Robots, we build REALLY RAD ROBOTS….like MiBro, your robot partner in fun! Team up together for some awesome antics and sneaky adventures!


► How to put batteries in MiBro: 00:54

► How to turn MiBro on or off: 02:14

► How to use and what are MiBro’s Buttons and Remote: 01:58

► How to use MiBro’s Accessories Blaster, Foam finger and Ball and Goal: 4:58

► How to attach MiBro’s Serving Tray: 07:11

► How to activate MiBro’s Dance Function: 08:18

► How to use MiBro’s Spy Functions: 9:41

He’ll impress your friends, he’ll save the day.
MiBro, hard wired for fun, from Really RAD Robots.

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You’ll love the TV commercial:

Out now, from Moose Toys!



Brayden Brown says:

I’m too lazy too read the instructions so I watched this.

Jayden Wallace says:

I got this for xmqs

Janet Ryan says:

I have purchased two of these robots and neither of them have worked. They make noise but don’t move. I have put new batteries in them, and tried them on One and two. no luck. Any thoughts Janet

Suha Kafina says:

He’s Mibro…………….PUN CITY!

Cucaramel plays roblox says:

I am getting a mibro for my birthday wich is in 3 more days.

SuperPiggy4 124 says:

They should’ve added this with batteries with it I’m getting this for Christmas this year in 2018


EDIT: this product is cool and all but I just need some batteries

SuperPiggy4 124 says:

They should make MiBRO 2.0

. Instead of separate d-pads there with 2 circle pads & a screen and speaker

. Has a cooler design

. Has more accessories

. with a camera built on MiBRO

. has a attachable drone part


Great video for a terrible toy.. Can’t believe my kids want this for xmas ugh

Squishys with Diego and more Antonio says:


npolash says:

You called mibro yackbot

nikki LOVE says:

can you make a toy call
the ninja gang

Foxyfirst8978 Yotomoto says:

Thank you for teaching me how to speak and get the responses with mibro boy

npolash says:

You put in batteries in the ctrler and
Mibro but in the ad on yt said batteries not included

Cameleon Films says:

Thank you so much now I know how to play with mibro!!

MR SHARK 54 says:

Grossery gang descontinued:(

Squishys with Diego and more Antonio says:

Moosetoys is the best!!!

Real News For Reals says:

Cozmo robot is the way to go

ASMR Eh? says:

Just bought this today for my 9 year old daughter she asked for Cozmo but he is kinda pricey we picked this up for 45.00 i think she is gunna love him

Holden's Plush world says:

Not so rad robot

Eftikhar Elsaid says:

Are you going to get that sub ugly dirtbag

Squishys with Diego and more Antonio says:

I’m first

Cameleon Films says:

How did you make his eyes disappear because when I press that button his eyes turn red

Epic Studio says:


galaxy cat says:

At the start when you put it on you called him yackbot

Epic Studio says:

Awesome video

Joel Lanycia says:

How much

Sean Guscott says:

I want that for chrismas

SuperPiggy4 124 says:



Gloria Lucas says:

Dis the battery comes with the robot

Rodney Perini says:

I have one of those that’s so cool

Brandon2940 says:

Was thinking about getting one of these as a present for Christmas. Anyone have any issues with this toy?

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