Ollie App Controlled Robot by Sphero. Review of Connected Toy by Orbotix

Ollie Connected Toy Robot Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review a robot that claims to be powered by Adrenaline – Ollie by Sphero. You know what, I think it is!

Ollie is super fast – 14 MPH, but that is not the best part. By using your iPhone, iPad or Android device you can have Ollie do crazy stunts, spins, drifts and jumps. Ollie also looks very cool with the LEDs that form millions of colors. Play indoors or outdoors, day or night – Ollie is fun!

Ollie sells for about $99 At Amazon.Com –

Here is all the info on Ollie –

Meet Ollie – the app-controlled robot engineered for speed, programmed for tricks, and customized by you.

Launch over the competition at floor-warping speed with complete control. Ollie is awesomely agile thanks to its tubular design.

Spin, drift, and flip with app-powered tricks. Then create, master, and share your trick combinations with friends.

Switch up your ride with different tires and hubcaps. The world is your playground when you can conquer any terrain.

Tech Specs (Quick Reference)

• iOS & Android compatible
• Apps: Driving & Programming
• Durable polycarbonate body
• Built-in LED glow
• Bluetooth LE connection (30m range)
• Drives over 6m/s (14 mph)
• USB charging (cable included)
• Automatic firmware updates

Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com for a full review of Ollie by Sphero.


Maria Arias says:


TheOfficialF3AR says:

HAHA He calls it Oley at 2:22! XD

Spiderboi 283 says:

Can it go under water

Aaron says:

Thanks for posting this video as I really wanted to see what you thought of Ollie as I am getting one too but I am sure your kids are really enjoying it.

p.s.i don’t have good signal on my mobile so I can’t watch the video yet!

Steven universe Fan says:

that was epic

Rising Rayquaza says:

Same love it

Solaris Cage says:

Ollie needs a Windows 10 store app. That way, I can control with WASD or X360 gamepad. Ah and by the way, the Ollie can go as fast as your car. If your car is going a certain speed.

nerfreviews guy says:

Love your videos

Shak Annamalai says:

Hey guys, I need help with my Ollie. I tried to download the app but it will not allow me too. I tried to download it on my iPad 2 and it is not working.Thanks

Jim gamingGR says:

I love it and i wanna get one

Igor Gabrielan says:

Ollie App Controlled Robot by Sphero
Review of Connected Toy by Orbotix

MR SNAIL says:

I love it

Syed Gillani says:

it is not oley it is ollie okay now understand?

RapTuna 21 says:

6:04 fake!

Wyatt Buck says:

Would you be willing to sell or give any of your products away I love your channel and your great at giving reviews

Syed Gillani says:

iam gonna get ollie in august iam so exited

Endrix says:

I got a dark ollie that had nubby and racing tires and 2 sets of hubcaps

Prank and challenges says:

Can you do a review on a sphero 2.0

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