New Bright iRobot Endeavor 710 Kobra Robot Review, 40″ Tall, Night Vision Robot

Endeavor 710 Kobra iRobot Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review a large and very cool claw robot, the iRobot 710 Kobra.

The Endeavor 710 Kobra Robot from New Bright Sells for $217 –

Here is all the information –
Crawl, climb, reach, grasp, carry, stream video and broadcast your voice, all from up to 100 feet away! The 2.4GHz radio controlled 710 Kobra can deploy its arm and transform from a compact rover to a 39″ reaching claw. Adjustable track drive with pivot steering allows you to move into position on almost any surface. Equipped with 9 individually controlled motors, 710 Kobra can perform almost unlimited tasks. A built-in HD camera transmits all the action to your existing smart phone or tablet via our WiFi enabled, downloadable app! Powered by a rechargeable 12.8 volt Lithium Battery. All required batteries are included.

Fully Articulated Arm & Claw
360 Turning Radius
4-Way Directional Drive
Articulated Front Treads
HD Video Camera with WiFi
Fully Extends to 39 Inches
Includes Multi-Function Transmitter
9 Individually Controllable Motors
Foldaway Smart Phone Cradle
Downloadable App
2.4GHz Technology
Longer Range: 100′
Faster Response
Internal Antenna
Operate Up to 6 at One Time
Ready to Run
All Required Batteries Included
Powered by 12.8 Lithium-ion Battery


Sony Kroket says:

20 minutes playtime isnt very long…..

Jiltted magic 222 says:

challenge idea: try and shoot a drone with a nerf gun

I Did Something says:

how do you take the battery out of charger?

이명후 says:

they cant speak english and french and germany how could they can trade with buyer?

Daniel Auen says:

Can it fetch me a soda from the fridge?

Flash photography Lee Hensman says:

I need this, but can’t find one in uk

Jada Lee says:

Wow my mom is going to give me that on Christmas.

BlingToysTV says:

wow I must get one of these!

Gimpdiggity says:

Are the treads made of rubber? A few times in the video it seemed like it wasn’t getting very good traction on that carpet.

quinn klapperich says:

thanks you so much for showing me this because i realy needed it!

Mcbuy The legend says:

Say giggty in the comments for my big brover pls

Sony Kroket says:

They also make the Roomba, fantastic cleaning robot. I use it daily.

Santana Castillo says:

where do you get that

rod Stenfel says:

you almost broke this nice expensive toy,thanks for the video,i bought one

We gamer never forgive never forget we are legion says:

Isnt this military stuff how the hell did the kid toy review guy get it

Igor Gabrielan says:

The company iRobot has refused to like military robots of production, including the Kobra or not?

Chofo Salazar says:

80’s robot

Santana Castillo says:

that thing costs $199.99!!!!!

Jacob Chisholm says:

copy of mebo

quinn klapperich says:

THIS IS SO COOL OMG!!!! i totaly am going to bribe my dad to get me this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ryan 8121 says:


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