Infomercialism: Robosapien

“Look how far technology has come,” they said in 2004.


Noah 11677 says:

Hahahaha anyone else spot grace behind the door in the intro?

The Plant Lover says:

I think it said “dick” at 0:14

Propony Productions says:

It looks like a cool sports car. But can it grate cheese?

Jon Favreau says:

Omg nostalgia. I had one of these!!!!!!!!

AztecCroc says:

Me and my brother had these, they didn’t do the rosebud reference when turning off, they did a shorter version of the dance.

boy fan says:

when that thing starts to run out of batteries its less a robot and more… a hellish monster from another realm

MutoreoCookie says:

This thing is nostalgic as fuck. I think we still have one. We also have a few original furbies

3PilaresDeOz says:

his victory dance is the best thing ever, I want one just for that.

Maddox Warner says:

this is cool i have it in sliver and black

SabreDuFoil says:

I used to have one of these. One of the best toys ever.

Alex says:

But can you fuck it?

The Kind Director says:

That demo jingle reminds me alot of Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record)

윤인귀Queen says:

This looked better when i was a kid…


Sarah says:

It’s like a stereotype of ill mannered construction worker from New Jersey. It burps and catcalls? Who the fuck thought that up?

Ryan Wequ says:

i still have one of these darn things. it sure was neat when it came out though.

James Ray says:

i have two roboraptors (one of whom i kind of adopted when a customer at my work asked if we could get rid of him and some other things for them). one of them works fully and the other just kinda works. not used them in year but at least i can confirm they dont say “rosebud”. 😀

Walking gamer says:

i own this toy my mother gave it as gift when i was 10 i have something to remember her by

alupihan says:

Winston has seen better days.

Hat Man says:

I’m so glad the gimmick died when it did.

david jeffers says:

can you purchase just the remote anywhere for it? i bought one but without remote works but some things it obviously can’t do without remote.

Princesa Quintanilla says:

you suck at it

Codex Necro says:

I remember when my nephew had a similar robot thingy, it was so loud and obnoxious he actually began to cry every time someone turned it on, guess my sister should’ve figured out that he was too young beforehand.

Earmuffs Incognito says:

*bzzz* rose_bud *init_shutdown*


Anybody else get out their robosapien and start playing with it?

Gustavus Adolphus says:

Is it perhaps, a pleasure model?

Absoid38 says:

at least V2’s jokes were funny.

meow6371 says:

I had a Roboraptor. Still do, actually, works fine, except on carpet (Luckily half our house is tile). I actually really liked it. I should bring it back out one of these days.

Kain Joyner says:

I used to have one of these as a kid, he lasted for fucking ever

HotSpotGamer 127 says:

the beginning is so funny

Fatmeatball says:


Brent Robles says:

Say what you want about robosapien, I love him. He was so cool when I was younger

Jegethy says:

I had one of these!

ericbazinga says:

…Wait, there’s a Robosapien movie? It must be really bad if I’ve never heard of it. Like, doesn’t-even-deserve-the-bargain-bin bad.

EvilB says:

You’ll never have to work again.

James Ray says:

why the fuck does it say “rosebood”. 😀

CaptainRufus says:

I got the Blue version yesterday for 30 bucks. For that amount it’s amusing and fun in short bursts. Plus I can freak pets out with it. For its original 100 dollar price eff bloody no. 30 is about max it’s worth honestly. It still is no Omnibot replacement. One day we will have a proper fun and usable home robot that isn’t more than 100 dollars. This is not that day.

Isaac Shoffren says:

I had one of these with my sister when I was a kid and I was useless because our model only walked forwards and it just fell over. We gave him a deep personality like all our other toys and he was the crippled infant who was left in the cupboard for months at a time.

Alucard8319 says:

It’s not a good gift to give a child this toy…… all the noises this toy make.. you don’t want that since children are mostly quite loud as well

All Slime Marza says:


IanSaur X says:

I laughed my head off! your so funny!

Makarov Fox says:

hacking this thing looks interesting

Fjell Reven says:

That song.. it’s literally a crap version of “you spin me round”

Master Sashimi says:

I had a shiny silver version of this, Good times…I think I still have it, But the Batteries inside corroded.

XxWTG456xX says:

Omg I never realised robosapien has sex with femisapien lol! UH UH UH UH OOOO ROSEBUD

grene namek says:

we should make robosapien porn

Yuki Nagato says:

I loved that toy

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