HEXBUG rc BattleBots Teardown and Review!

A close close look at the awesome mini BattleBots from HEXBUG.

If you want to see a more thorough teardown of these two, here is a longer video showing that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6fgViKYrRA


xKatjaxPurrsx says:

That’s great that they used phillips screws for this. I really hope they were designing this hoping that kids will take them apart and build their own robots out of the bits!

Farhan Ahad says:

From where you bought it?

TML ProductionsTM says:

Tombstone can not fit in a 4 inch cube so it could not compete in a 150 gram competition.

TML ProductionsTM says:

KRAVE MONSTER HEXBUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Logician says:

is anyone else having problems with connecting the remote

Mutually Assured Destruction says:

If anyone wants to mod them, the stock IR transmitters MUST be replaced with a standard TX/RX combo (spektrum transmitter with orangerx or lemonrx receiver). They cannot fail safe, which means they aren’t allowed to be used in any events as an entry.

JewishLuck says:

You should so make a antweight out of one of these man!!!!

Leviathan _1699 says:

How can i buy this?

Toy Teardown says:

Very cool toys

spartan kitty games says:

I am gonna take one of these to battlebots

MasterMarik says:

Plus, the age for these is 8+ so you could be 100 and still be within the age limit.

Fox Vulpe says:

omg!!! i want 2 of them!

ʜéᴄᴛᴏʀ says:


Bilime Önem Veren says:


bergcycles1 says:

Both of my controllers stopped working all together now. Swapped in new batteries. And they still dont work???? What a rip off?

Rattler Robotics says:

What are the tiny motors in the top right on your bench?

Forged.in.steel diamond says:

that was pretty cool now you just need to mod it

twopennymilk 8908 says:

this was a awesome review great job

Jason Mumby says:

Geez they are pretty quick!

Hamood Hokage says:

I just bought them and now one remote is working and the other its not responding with the device’s….how to fix this thing?

Endbots says:

Thanks for linking my video. I added you to mine as well. Out of the two of them tombstone is probably the best to be modified for combat due to the construction method of its gearboxes. I will be swapping out the control board for a custom one very soon.

CJ in da house says:

Can’t wait for more rc battlebots!

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