Guy Stuff Review: JJRC Gesture RC Control Robot (Sponsored)

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Kevin Harris says:

Lol my man tried to take on Tripticon 3 times and failed!!!

scanspeak00 says:

Hey TFM would you consider getting a robot dog like the Sony Aibo? I’m very tempted but its $3000!
Also did you ever review the movie Ex Machina?

Psycrotes HighPriest says:

For some reason this robot is cracking me up. If I were high right now I’d be losing my shit.

John Dc says:

Might be fun. My Children would probably like it for a day. I would probably be annoyed by it. Dreaming for the day these Robots will be able to do something to keep me “entertained”. Just more Chinese crap.

kerron davis says:

You got some Transformers in your collection I say optimal Optimus

Collasol Bear says:

It’s a knock off, nao robot

The Man says:

forwarding this item to interested parties.
don’t trust this fuckin thing, alexa-amazon dumping conversations online, the alphabet authorities gave an open line to your home.
all wireless hardwares are suspect at best, i’m expecting the worst.
i wonder what it’s insides are like, is what the interested parties are looking to identify….

fanOmry says:

I that things AI is more porous than a colander.

Dr Judgement says:

Toys are fun but still waiting for the moving female sexbot doll..Don’t care about the male ones but I image they’ll do that too..

Just ruined your day says:

“Can’t register chimp hands”

zeus907 says:

When I look at the robot and hear its voice, I get this strange desire to shoot it to pieces. Is that normal?

Norman Comeau says:

Man, I thought we were gonna get some christmass picts of celestina and our favorite hand puppet.

kalajel says:

Can’t have sex with it? Worst. Toy. Ever.

VeeEss says:

“Patrol Mode”? Should be Thot Patrol mode.

Monica Smyther says:

LOL!!! Sounds like Archangel from Liberation Y channel – – can you program this dude to dance and speak mp3 audio when new video is uploaded to his channel? Can’t wait to see mini-monkey bots flinging little shit all around! Good shit mate 😉 P.S. gesture control does not work if commands are provided by monkey hands… bots are not animal ready.

chdmann says:

Make it do teh robot!

T3rrestris says:

You motherfucker ….. can’t wait till AI will understand back what we say and slap us back in the face for that xD

etude says:

TFM can Phil make an Egraine replica sex doll like in Excalibur (Boorman).

Rhael Battlesmith says:

Best review ever.

Jared Fontaine says:

Clean up your toys TFM lol

JIMBO8472 says:

Nice Rodimus prime. I have the limited edition comic con version. (Ford GT car mode)

Treisiess says:

I’ll take that dragonzord over that thing anyday.

kalajel says:

Well, since it has George Takai’s voice, I don’t think it knocked down your Transformers, it might have been trying to molest them instead and then blame it on the Russians…

Phoenix says:

Had fun watching it 🙂 even though it was meant for children.
Free advice:
Vulgar language is interrupted as a threat by some people.
No need to show anger when there is no actual threat…

Chronocide says:

Toy is meh but the review was hilarious.

maxjosephwheeler says:

*Hack the shit out of it! Put Celestinas voice in it. Make it say all kinds of MGTOW quotes!*

Torgonius says:

Reminds me of a less useful version of the robots in Beck’s Hell Yes video:

Brian Hodgson says:

Merry Christmas monkey man

Happy Humble Hermit says:

Now blow it up

Christie Nel says:

What an embarrassing ripoff of the genuine Nao (which I own). Still fun, though.

Chris L says:

Cool little robot.
A fun gift for a family member. With sensors and stuff too.

MasterOfTheObvious says:

If someone wrote you a check for $10 million, would you quit your day job?

Bitzkit Gordon says:

So in america adults have toys?

Shlong Dong Millionaire~ says:

3:30 you play with dolls and toys don’t you TFM ?

Perimeter Defender says:

How can this street performer expect donations? He’s not getting shit after assaulting his patrons

Borg Cube says:

it’s engrish was too good

ben dover says:

Too bad you didn’t get the female robot, you tell her what to do and she doesn’t listen.

Dakis Vassiliadis says:

Nice review, TFM. I always laugh with those. Since you like robots, i assume you like Metal Gear too?

Spanky McSpankenstein says:

I want one of those smoking robots from the 80’s, but with AI and the personality of a 1940’s NYC cab driver. That would rock.

chdmann says:

As a filthy degenerate, I need to ask; can it’s hands fit around human cock? If so, program it to move forward and back, then it’ll be a handjob-bot!

!ma buy some of the female ones and stick a Pocket pussy between it’s legs, a pair of those tit-shaped stress balls on it’s chest (also move the sensor lower in chest., and see what I can do about moving the head speakers to allow one of those lip tighteners in the face.

Then I program it to go forward and backwards in quick succession. Then I put it on the table to get a gynoid BJ/ fuck! But wear a condom to prevent electric shocks and messy clean-ups.

If the first one works, I’ll begin working on adapting chicken-fillets/bra inserts for thighs and ass, and use similar materials to make the anime face, and hair, then send a Rem-Bot to Kuroi… or the plan-files so he can make her himself.

Retard Dumbass says:

Tape a fleshlight to its hand and I’m sold

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