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This intelligent robot comes in around $45 which is an amazing price for all it has to offer! From shooting, to dancing, to programming this little guy sure is fun to play with. We were definitely impressed with this one, and think you will be very happy if you pick one up. More robots we have featured on our channel are linked below and throughout the video.

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Sem te Vruchte says:

What camera do you guys use?

Melanie Williams-Smotherman says:

POPEYE!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Jay Holt says:

thats to funny. looks like a fun toy for the kids.

Wray Smith says:

i found it really funny when it just started shooting its amo all over . Mow that was funny ..Poor Popeye we still love you LOL Great video “_”

veragaminghd growtopia says:

Tried to find a good deal f anki drive card to play as it is fun

Parkour says:

I love your content

Airbourne Brit says:

ok that robot is insane for the price, nice find. you guys had so much fun with it, Popeye not so much.

KM rc says:

That is one cool robot

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

The songs killed really? The cool factor took a big dump when farmer in the dell started. The robot is actually cool but poor Popeye hated it. For the price, it is very advanced,the lights are awesome and I am sure you could program many things into it. The Lost in Space robot is cool. I would love to gut that out out put it in the L.I.S. robot. Clearly it is a childs robot but very advanced.It is fun. I almost bought a floor sweeper the other day. Mean,shooting the dog! Awesome!

Eugene S Smith says:

Robot dances better than you!

Keith Artherton says:

I know a toy, that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves.

Why Not? says:

for the look of the robot you would think that the sons would be more intimidating

Tim Lindsey says:

Popeye is such a cute little dog. He does not like that

Cirjaliu Ana-Maria says:

You can buy this toy from:

Airbourne Brit says:

wow Abby, you swooped in and snatched those up lol

Tech Review by Irdi says:

Reminds me of a WOW robot.

Peter Webster says:

hi guys great product review looks like gteat fun and it sounded like abby was having a great time ive never heard her laugh so much looking forward to the next reviews guys peter uk

Glitched Noa says:


Prince Kimani says:

This is my favorite video because seen that robot play dance and shoot is so nice and cool ☺️

kevin farrell says:

If truth be known I bet POPEYE rules that house.

G Bro says:

Lol 🙂

Saher Assaf says:


Ian T says:

Awesome little robot. Poor popeye. Hope you had a good play session with him afterwards 🙂

BASSstarlet says:

Order has been placed!

Tim Travis says:

I like how you put the robot and Popeye on the front and said Friend or Foe

Jithux A says:


Thomas Moore says:

Not sure if anyone one has said it but, the second song I believe was Red River Valley.

MrBryGuy69 says:

You guys are so awesome! You have WAY too much fun reviewing RC stuff. But, that’s what makes your videos so fun to watch! You are always laughing and having fun, even if the product you are reviewing sucks. You just laugh at it, make fun of it, beat it and bash it around; all of which makes me laugh with you. I love your videos!

On to the robot…This thing looks pretty cool. You didn’t do an unboxing of it, which is fine, I’m just wondering the age it says it is recommended for. Did it say anywhere the ages for this robot? Would it be fine for a 4 year old? This looks like a cool gift to get for our 4 year old nephew, but wasn’t sure if it would be too advanced for him. I’m pretty sure he would love it though.If not him, I’m sure his dad would like it; or maybe even me!

Let me know if you get a chance! Thanks! Keep up the awesome videos!

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