Boxer Bot Review, Hands-On With the Fun New Robot #BoxerBot

Boxer Robot Review. Today we are excited to review the new Boxer Bot from SpinMaster. A big thank you to Spin Master for sending a Boxer for us to review.

Here is all the info on Boxer Bot –

Boxer Bot sells for about $77 on Amazon –

Meet Boxer: your real robot pal! this plucky little Bot comes to life right out of the box and is raring to go – no assembly required! with a love for fun, your new buddy is ready to play! to start, place one of the 10 activity cards (included) in front of Boxer. Once he rolls over the card and scans it, the fun begins! play games like Bot bowling, paddle Bot and go Kart, or use the interactive ball accessory (included) to play a fast-paced game of soccer! as you play with this loveable Bot, you’ll get to know his quirky personality. Sometimes happy, sad, Grumpy, or even sleepy, Boxer displays a full range of emotion. Interact with him in multiple ways: use the included remote control to race Boxer around and do tricks; download the free app to your phone to discover brand new games; or get hands-on! equipped with multiple IR sensors, an internal rechargeable battery and more awesome Tech features, Boxer responds to your hand movements and interacts with you in silly ways. With real-life responses, funny expressions and sounds, this little guy makes one hilarious sidekick! discover Boxer: enormous play. Tiny Bot.


Daniel Silverton says:

Beep bop

Carl Sun says:

Give me boxer

Mika Koivusaari says:

Can parents set the volume lower without the kids getting it too loud again?

Onyinye Sutcliffe says:

There so cute

Rick Gwynnerghfbg o.j. u b66yy66666666 says:


Risshi Rampersad says:

What is the name of the app

kit shep says:

It looks cool but I like Vector and Cosmo better

xplode1818 says:

Best robot ever for 49 AUD

Ariel Elman says:

I have one and playing with it now it is fun

Klouymai Aylett says:

Give me boxer now

Lumibear says:

Well that’ll never get annoying.

lfcwhitman5 says:

I can’t get the remote control function to work.
Followed the instructions correctly.
Am I doing something wrong?

Ex Set says:

It is not similar to Cozmo, Cozmo can see people, and it tell names of people he see. He build map of objects around it, and trying to avoid falling from table edges. He operates with cubes, can recognize its exact pose and sense touches on cubes. You can program Cozmo by urself, or use games and programs from community. Boxer is cheap imitation of Cozmo, no more, it has 1/10 or 1/100 functions of Cozmo for 1/2 price !!! Its not fair deal !!!

Jessica Papelbon says:

How much is Boxer

Callum Howarth says:

It is good for the boxer

Kirsty Kentfield says:

hi my son’s 9 and he’s not in to robots but he has asked for this or cozmo can’t decide which one

NOOB MAN says:

Love your vids

Creeper Gam3r says:

I want this for x mas

ChrisNSF says:

It’s not soccer!

It’s botball. 😀

Brianna Acolatse says:

Get #BoxerBot For Free

Sue Albert says:

I love boxer

Jdc Tube says:

Thank you give it to me

Яна Еремина says:

Не ари

neverben says:

Super cool!

The_Legend_518 says:

He’s annoying, cries like a fu*king baby.
Cozmo is much better.

dianita cob says:

Cuál es el precio del robots

Chella Thana says:


Callum Howarth says:

I like the video

Илья Голубев says:


Xavier Mesler says:

I am buying them because Google showed me!

Katherine Simporis says:

You can get it for $44.99 at argos

Moto Rider 473 says:

I bought one for my six year old son and he can’t get enough of it, he forgot all the other Christmas presents. He’s loving it.

Maria Moreno says:

Bóxer is 80 dollars

Keegan 7 says:

I have a black one

Carlos Matos says:

Remote controlled furby

How To Make says:

*_Very nice!_*
*_Guys, I’m waiting you on my DIY channel!_* ★★★★★

Himmelfahrstrasse Stormalong says:

Do hairs get wrapped around the axles and gum it up?

soapbullet s says:

$80 no thanks

Savannah Chesney says:

I just got Boxer for Christmas yesterday. He’s wrapped up under my Chridrmas tree

TBG Taotidl says:


Chella Thana says:

I can have the doctor

Savannah Chesney says:

He looks like Cozmo’s little brother

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