Battle of Robots 6 legged Dart Shooting Armored Battle Robots Full Review

Get a Robots Battle started right at your home. Meet space warriors, 6 legged, Weaponized and Armored Battle robots that are going to keep you busy for days battling with your family and friends indoor or outdoors. These 6 legged robots can walk all terrain, they are equipped with a laser targeting, fully adjustable, and continuous shooting darts weapon system that shoots darts with extreme precision, up to 10 meters distances. Robots leg armor will fall off upon taking hits and gives you extra battle realism. Head shot will decrease your robot’s life and your robot will shut down after taking 3 head hits.

Operated using only 4 AA size batteries, these robots offer an amazing good operating time giving you more battles on less costs. No more dangerous Lithium polymer batteries. Simple 4AA size batteries are widely and cheaply available at all stores.

These robots are serious fun for all ages, and will bring you tons of fun time battling with friends, family members, and or together with your kids. Be very careful, not to let kids play alone without adult supervision. Darts shot at eyes or laser pointed directly in eyes can cause serious injuries and permanent blindness even. If you buy these for your kids, do not equip laser to the robots and let your kids play under your supervision. Be ready to get more darts easily available at all Nerf Gun Stores and toy stores.

All in all these are super fun, totally addicting Battle robots that no only make a great gift but also a great addition to your Toys collection. These are a must have for all battle robots lovers.

You can order these great battle robots here

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Boekan Arsheetec says:

Weird 6-legged walk cycle.

ivan hegedus says:


Lapsem Weaver says:

I could do without the twenty-five-second intro.

SyahmiGAMING and MORE TV says:


The One Time says:

you have kib the fake knock off version of the WOWWEE mip.

_x_x_insane_x_x_ cat says:

that robots awesome but you wine to much


can you compare this with the nerf one?

Defined Dragon says:


SolarizeYourLife says:

As always safety first, wear eye goggles….

MicroRCFiend says:

Replacing the lazer with an fpv camera could ramp up the fun

Vaulthunter says:

Mecha Urgot rework from league of legends

Emiliano Rodriguez III says:


Denny Cheung says:

I got ver.1 , upgrade possible ?

Bryce Glover says:

we’re are you at in the world

Arno Degraaf says:

on 5:27 he was like it’s dangerous to let the kid look into the laser (shines into the camera)

BuggsK100RS says:

These are very cool been around for a while now These are the second generation of this toy. The First ones where invented by a Youtuber and he made a HUGE one. Link to his channel.

Chase Dinero Vlogs says:

these r dope more up grades and a little faster movement I would buy..


is ot for kids

bfvweltfrieden says:

Dislike to remove kebab.
Fucking nigger.

Emiliano Rodriguez III says:


Smoothie Cris says:

I saw someone modify it and put a high power laser on it complete with a FPOV camera connected to a separate monitor like a drone! 🙂

lasersbee says:

4:59… before stating that the Laser is Really, Really Dangerous and that it can cause blindness… perhaps testing the Laser’s power on a Laser Power Meter would be the logical thing to do to know if the Red Laser is actually below or above the 5mw limit that is considered Eye Safe.

SH3LA شعلة says:

Hey man r u arabi

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