Anki Vector Home Robot REVIEW

The Anki Vector is an internet-enabled voice-controlled app- connected home-assistant robot. Buy: (US) (UK) (Amazon Affiliated Links)



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ifatdonkey boi says:

So robots can think. We are still selling them. That is robot slavery

Maloy7800 says:

LOL How quintessentially British this is. Feeling sad for a robot who can’t play with “his” cube, but “giving your child a hamster” – which will KILL the hamster – is just fine. :-))

pillowsocket says:

What is the point? It looks fun for 15 minutes but my phone does everything else.

Yago Torres says:

So this is a better version than Cozmo

shane says:

Thanks dude you just saved me £ 250

Big bubba Ainsley says:

9:41 *top 10 saddest anime deaths*

sunnie bear says:

Honestly, I love seeing even simulated personality in a robot. It’s damn cute.

Cenk Gonen says:

Its 1600 pound!! here. You are so lucky!!!!

Isaac 101 says:

Vector gonna upload you and your wife on pornhub

Mweh Heh heh heh says:

Wait- But isn’t this cosmo?

ezzz9 says:

$250 for a completely useless thing. OUCH!

KristErA says:

I think cozmo is better

LMNOP QRS_ says:

Imagine this on your desk table though! Like instead of Alexa you got this dude. I trully hope it pairs with Amazon Echo, so it becomes a home assistant walking around your Mac computer lol. “Vector”

Thomas Holman-Layne says:

IT’S A BLACK AND GOLD COZMO HOME-ASSISTANT ROBOT THING WITH A PAD TO “WALK ON”. And I am sorry for ruining your dreams. *or am i!?!?!*

burnzy3210 says:

i’d like one as a characterful little desk pet, i’d never use the smart assistant features though as i’ve got alexa all through my home. £250 is a pretty cheeky price also, £100 seems fair… £150 at a push

The Bottle Flipper says:

The Cozmo is a toy not like the vector

Guilt Azaour says:

who’s gonna watch you ? china! why ? marketing! when? every day! whom? everyone in its range!

1Thunderfire says:

The designers clearly loved WALL-E. Fricking love that film.

Mac Mess says:

im getting one, the cozmo though

Arian Prakash says:

I’m so exited to get my cozmo and vector

Michelle Hernandez says:

9:34 The way it’s arms move tho XD

*Your too cute for Suicide bud*

Bloq says:

I got a Cozmo advertisement.

Ziper says:

Oh boy this is going to be fun while doing my homework

Mark Smith says:

I’d say with the price they are more like executive toys, does he right himself when he falls over or off something? Is he always connected to the Internet like the echoe etc?

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