Z51 Predator Drone (MQ-9 Reaper) Flight Test Review

This scale model of the MQ-9 Reaper drone is very easy to fly for beginners. Find it here https://goo.gl/my3Fkm

– Flying model of a military drone. If you send it up high enough, you might actually fool someone.
– Comes with transmitter.
– 2 channel gyro stabilized. Very easy to fly. Great learn to fly RC plane.
– 3.7 V 450mah battery can fly this drone for close to 20 minutes.
– Although it’s a DIY, it’s very easy to build in about 15 minutes. No glue needed. 5 screws hold it together.

– One of my wheels fell off after landing. I found it in the dirt after searching, but it did fall off rather easily.
– The motors need to keep running for the gyros to work. If you cut off the motors to glide, you may notice some instabilities such as phugoid oscillations. However this can be corrected by simply balancing the drone’s center of gravity (a little putty weight on the tail should clear up phugoids).

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Graeme DownUnder says:

First 🙂

gear 100 says:

What the plan price in India beacuse I am not bay in banggood

Hayy Papi says:

I was gonna buy this one but it’s almost the same with the c-17

Michael Gardner says:

Link for your favorite all in one camera?

WB0WQS says:

just ordered one. your fault.

keagan says:

I used to build the back wings of the Predator UAV drone they’re completely made out of carbon fiber there about 14 ft long we made them here in Wichita Kansas at a place called fiber Dynamics. It’s quite a lengthy process to build them and they cost about $60,000 each

WB0WQS says:

Mine arrived Saturday and I had a brief flight yesterday. It was a tad bit windy (very light plane ). But you are right, it loves to fly! Easy to put together and very nice for the price. Good looking plane. It’s a keeper. Somebody asked if that would make a good toy for a kid.. and yes.. for a teen it would be fine. it flies great. As you pointed out… No gliding because stearing is controlled by the differential control of the motors. So.. if have no motors, no control. I try to keep that in mind. No aileron or rudder.. No Dead stick landing, if you lose power.. no control. Keep that in mind. lol.

Ron Thompson says:

Loved it ,not a bad price either,I not much for wing craft but if I was this would be it

J0kerVision says:

Damnit so close. Great video thou and review

Suharso Apta says:


Tech Guy says:


Georgewrigley says:

Enjoyed that . Thank you:)

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Great at last we can REALLY fly a Drone and not a “drone” 😀

JD says:

Its amazing how far they come with the toy grade planes. Flies a whole lot better now and smoother. Great Video!

telephony says:

You never did find out if it could lift off from packed dirt/sand vs. tarmac; nor did you tell us if it could lift off with the runcam affixed to its fuselage. May I safely presume that you’re going to try them in a follow-up video?

I do like the way it flies, and appreciate the time you took to make this video!!! 😀

Surferant666 says:

Kids do you wanna be a badass drone pilot… Then buy this.

Mike Baltes says:

Do you know what protocol it uses

Laciciak says:

It is good toy for kid by you?

Angel Fuentes says:

Looks like it looks crappy

Troy Schultz says:

I want to be first!!!!

B M says:

Does it have elevators?

Gal Kremer says:

Thanks for the shout out 🙂

red88ization says:

does it come with a random child killing function

Green Silver says:

The porpoising will be the death of lots of these, if that was fixed it’d be a good little bird. Saying that, 3 channels with ailerons could make this a real bit of fun.

Tobi Lang says:

nice Drone!

Agil Almasyah says:

May I don’t Ask one of the rc plane pliss

Mothman 46 says:

I’m thinking this might be my first plane

stoxos says:

Horny the video!
Where do we find batteries for this airplane?

colscopters says:


Ajayi Abiodun says:


Mike Jones says:

Nice video good job, I’m a little new to flying planes been flying drones for a while so maybe this one will do the job, will try I just bought it I hope it helps me out to learn the planes a little bit better Thank You God bless…

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