WLToys F949 Long Flying RC Trainer Airplane Flight Test Review

At under $40 delivered to your door, this is the lowest cost three channel airplane currently available. Find it here http://shrsl.com/?fm2a It’s also easy to fly, and can stay in the air for close to twenty minutes. Although it’s been around for a while, it’s still a great beginner’s aircraft.

– This is an inexpensive, yet great flying aircraft. Very good for new fliers.
– As a trainer, it is easy to fly. If you get into trouble, just let go of the sticks and it will quickly right itself.
– Long flying aircraft. I got close to twenty minutes of flight time with its 3.7V 500mah battery.
– Should also be able to use widely available/cheap 350 to 380mah 3.7V white Losi batteries. Although you will get less flight time, it should still be over 10 minutes with these smaller batteries.

– Not a windy day flier. You’ll need a low wind day to fly this (less than 5 MPH).
– Not acrobatic by any means. It’s not meant to be. It’s designed to be a stable learn-to-fly airplane. Thus it’s just very hard to do loops or rolls with this.

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Kyle Christy says:

I mean for $40 bucks how can you go wrong with this, another great review!!

Wes H says:

I just got my package in the post today. The main prop gear including prop came off the metal shaft before I could try it out, and you can’t push it back on because the metal shaft slides back into the motor assembly. I had to remove the whole motor assembly which is glued in. I looked up the picture of the motor assembly and it has wings oriented the same as the planes wings, then I took a very small screwdriver and poked it all around between the plastic motor housing and the foam until I could carefully pull it out (after unplugging the motor wires from the circuit board). Then I could push the gear and prop back on, but only after I lubricated the shaft with lubri-film. I also duplicated the slight down and right thrust offset when I reglued it in with a little foam-tac just on the top side of the motor assembly wings. I compared the rpm sound from different videos at full throttle and all sounded correct. So I took it on it’s maiden just before sunset (a bit windy) and it flew pretty good and I did some loops no problem. Thanks for your nice demo’s of quadcopters and planes etc., I really enjoy watching! Oh, and I love the F959 too (my first fixed-wing rc plane)!

Christopher Falcon says:

my step son bought me the cx-10 fer Xmas. now I’m on the quest to be able to maneuver it like a pro. any suggestions for help would be much appreciated.

Cyber Ghost 2 says:

I think i know what I’m buying my brothers on Christmas =^=

Stupidity in Woodworking and Drone Flying says:

You could rig one of those nano fpv cameras on this bird just takes a bit of finesse lol. If you want to save about 10 bucks order from China it is around $27.00 if you can wait, which as cold as this December is, I’m not going to be outdoors anytime before April, March if I’m lucky.

Jer Saagon says:

Hi, how about the battery? Are there batteries from other planes, heli, or drones that would fit?

manu02scorpio says:

How much is the flight time? And also what material are the wings made up of. Thanks again

Magnus RC says:

it seem to use the old V959 protocol that works with the FS-I6 ( i fly my old V959 with my FS-I6 ) did you try binding it to a FS-I6 ? it would give way better stick resolution , would have to put it on mode 4 but it could work 🙂

rcplanetim tim says:

hey nice flight.. did you know that you can add a camera on this plane i have one with a 25 mil amp camera tx combo i got from bang goods. its very small and weighs almost nothing. and what i did to power it was i used a adaptor plug and i run it off the battery in the plane. it shortens the flight time just a little but not much. i just tape it on top of the wings and can fpv all my mini planes. they also have a 200mil camera tx combo that is just as small and light. i have a few of these little cameras and they work great.. both cameras run on just a 1 cell battery! Eachine makes them. check them out. also hobbyking has some too. their made by Elite.

peter gottschalk says:

I found any more than 5 mph wind your just gonna keep crashing

SkeletorRises says:

What if I put some small weights in the fuselage? Would it be more stable?

Jean Carlos says:

Hi, is any one interested in this RC plane i am very flexible with the price http://www.ebay.com/itm/RC-plane-its-controller-lots-of-spare-parts-please-read-what-it-brings-/322362595655? it comes with a bunch of spare parts that can work with WLToys F949 the plane works great too.

Some Asshole says:

Will the transmitter warn you when the plane’s battery is low, like the F939 does?

clément thomas says:

do you think your little 5.8ghz camera can go on this plane?

maithily thakur says:

So did it went into any customs hassles?

Filip Kiełbasa says:

wltoys 949 or 949 beginner please?

Christopher Falcon says:

Nice . is that in Lucerne valley?

Powered by R/C / eflb150 says:

That is stupid. Get a 2200mm glider that Is sure to stay in the sky for a long time. Brushless. Has flaps, so you don’t need o run after it when you are landing. Only €179.99! PNP.

Simone Russo says:

What do you know about motor wear?

the master 2008 gaming tech reviews and more says:

when i got mine it said it was a hobbygrade but i can fly it im skilled

jack meehoff says:

sir concerning mode on the right of the screen is that changeable? mine say’s mode 2 is that it? not changeable? and also what the heck is the right button for?

peter gottschalk says:

I find that the wings fold in to qwik how about a bamboo scure to sure it up?

Feri K. - Aerodron says:

Great video you made – big like

Bill Somrak says:

Beginners better keep that thing up wind (and out of the sun). Beginners to fix wing aircraft have just as much, if not more problems with orientation. If you are in a desperate situation, you can always turn your body so its facing the same direction as the craft to help you get it back under control. I think you could probably loop that thing. You just need altitude, down elevator (significant nose down pitch), and some nerve. Once you’ve built up a ton of speed (and you must be facing dead into the wind), slam back on that elevator stick and it’ll loop .. might have to keep the wings parallel with the ground by using rudder. Yeah, $40 for a 3 control fixed wing aircraft is pretty cheap. I’d hate to tell you what a 3 ch. digital proportional system from Orbit or Kraft cost way back in the day (you wouldn’t believe me if I told you). A good gift for 10+ yr olds with adult supervision. I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of RC toys bought this Christmas, and there may be a lot which need repair the day after. It’s never as easy as it looks folks .. take it from someone who’s been flying RC for 55+ years .. ha ha. Cheers!

Mr. Numbat says:

Please review black spider drone 🙂

air born says:

Can you do this sessna vs the volantex trainstar because I’m trying to see which is better if u can it will really helpfull and will get a few hundreds or thousands of views

Garth Algar says:

Blows my mind that $40 planes tx is nicer than the bugs tx lol.

Miguel Rodríguez says:

What plane is better this or F939?

Tomislav Kroflin says:

Powerful enough to lift tx01 and 400mah battery?

Blake J says:

I just ordered the F959 Sky King for $46. It’s worth the extra $6

John Mark Tamano says:

your excitement is contagious. I already bought two of the fx planes.

dheller777 says:

She really looks like a  fun little flyer for sure with decent flight time. Thanks for sharing.

DBHGaming says:

Where are you from? That looks so close to how my home town does, New Mexico

the master 2008 gaming tech reviews and more says:

is mode 2 acrobatic mode

Gazaro 51 says:

saw it on amazon just $4 more, I was looking at this for a year now but did find out if its worth it or not

Engineer Ahmed says:

I’ve flown it 40 mins on 1 battery charge.

Justin H says:

What would you recommend for a windy day flier? 5-10mph wind

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