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Dizzy Land says:

Sir really a good work. I like it. I m also honna get one

Ramy G says:

How long before the battery dies down from a test flight?

Michael Smith says:

Great Review!!!! If it were between this and the Volantex V761-1which would you choose?

Free Music Downloader - All Music says:

Buen Video Crack

Roman Reigns says:

i had a minor crash and one motor atopped working. second crash broke my blade and thrid one broke the wing lol

Sarge Monday says:

IMO it’s the best trainer out there. I’ve had the “Champ” also and this one is half the price, twice as durable, and twice the flight time!

Krauger says:

Flight time and Charging time ?

ENG Dyna says:

can you do barrel rolls?

hasnain khatri says:

can’t it take off from ground

Jaz Grr says:

I wish I had one

TourdeFrance20131 says:

Thats a nice plane. On wish app they are $31,- ex postage.

James R. Hellmsly says:

Baby Toy….

Hans Brauer says:

the Lipo is 500mAh

Gabriel Tan says:

lol this is my first plane and it landed into my neighbors balcony

Hans Brauer says:

My first plane, using it with my Flysky FS-i6. (much nicer radio). Learned to fly indoors with it. Works ok outdoor with light winds. Great flight time, about 15-20min.

Tony Wright says:

A beginner would still crash within 5 seconds to fast to small otherwise an excellent model

andersson591 says:

it’s very light…… can I put a small cámara to take pictures or video? it will take off..??. the cámara is very light…..

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Wow,RC moment! Another new RC place I had no idea existed. I just found your channel,I cant remember if I have ever visited you. I like ” Trolling ” all the RC sites,but in a good way. I review your site,follow along and comment on your products. I recommend you to all my on line friends as well as at the flying field. I have visited some of my friends that have You-Tube channels as well as purchased some of their over flow as those reviewed items tend to pile up after a while. I am good friends with The RC Saylors,Flite Fest peoples,Josh and all those guys know me well. Dutch RC is a good friend as well. I like to help them in any way I can,and in return, I help share the RC world with them in a positive way for every one. I can say,I have had my eye on that plane for a while but havent gotten the urge to buy one. I currently have 14 planes, 8 drones three helicopters and one nitro powered plane as well as an air boat. I repair small engines for friends and buy and sell them to help pay for my hobby. Hope to see more of you!

jack meehoff says:

thank you for telling us how to remove the tape sir I was wondering how to do that lol,,,,sir can you tell me why the controller say’s mode2? if so is there more modes? ect? I know the button on the left is speed 1/2 but what the hell is that right button for sir? thanx for the vid tho lad I got one of these just wondering sir


Thumbs up! Looking into getting one of these, as you simply cannot go wrong for the price. As low as under $40.00 on-line. I am mounting a 30mm ducted fan under each wing….just under the red stripe area. Each ducted fan has a nacelle, with a venturi shape aft of the initial thrust out-put. Doing away with the front mounted motor and applying a make-shift nose cone. Just the start of bigger and better things. Thanks for sharing!

Some Asshole says:

does the remote sound an alarm when the battery is running low on the plane? I know the F939 does that, but i can’t find any information if the F949 does.

Ecoi Villesis says:

what is the flight time ?

Thomas Sforza says:


jack meehoff says:

the replacement motors for these are weaker than the original one that comes with it,if you buy this ad a new motor on the list as well

sc1212able says:

pretty cool little plane, very stable and great price

Tony Wright says:

A beginner would crash within 5 seconds to fast to small otherwise an excellent model

zenflying says:

That looks like a nice little flyer !

Christopher Jacques says:

I got one for my 10 year old son.
it flies great!
I did order a bit larger batteries (more Mah) for longer flights.
I’ve been flying RC planes and Quads for about nine years and this little plane is still fun even for me.

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