Wltoys F949 Airplane RC – Review

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Wltoys F949 2.4G 3Ch RC Airplane Fixed Wing Outdoor Plane – Wltoys F949 Cessna 182 review

– Desined according to Cessna-182 real plane,with cool appearance.
– 3 coreless motors combination,stronger driving power
– EPP composite material, high flexibility, excellent recovery, and not easy to break
– Easy operation,suitable for beginners and intermediate flight game players
– Apply to indoor and outdoor flight, longer remote control distance.Flying range up to 200m
– Rudder volume size adjustble,and you can do all kinds of difficult movements accurately,such as going forward, up/down, turn left/right, fine tuning, 360-degree rotation, spiral moxement, loops, etc.


Ali Akber says:

hi creative channel i want to make a channel about electronics please told me what should i name this channel please give mea name . sorry for my bad english

이세진 says:

Wow this rc plane is very fast landing is very hard isnt it?

Qamar zaman says:

I was thinking that this time you will create your own model,,, but its the company made, and having no charm.. 🙁 🙁 🙁

LXG للاختراعات says:

قدي حقها

Bruh says:

is not the extra 300 mini??? f939 is the name of the mini extra 300

1.4 You says:

amazing bro

Nooruddin khowaja says:


Nooruddin khowaja says:

how to make a volcano model please’………… 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 😉

Hà Võ says:

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mhmmdekN says:

begleri and hand spinner make

Amine Abdellaoui says:

comment je peut acheter une comme ca ?????

Rushi Gharat says:

make a go kart engine car

GSGExtreme44 says:

This was my first RC plane and paid about $45.00 – This plane was painlessly easy to fly and fun as hell –

Let's make says:


Crazy Guns says:

how to make metal search

abas al qashami says:

very nice

Iuliana Licoiu says:


D-Star Raw says:

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ALoonwolf says:

This is a fantastic ‘plane for beginners, and you may never want to upgrade to another ‘plane – you can just upgrade this one. With the standard propeller it flies for up to 25 minutes, longer with gliding, and can handle carrying a bit of extra weight. But as is, it performs well but isn’t too fast, and just keeps flying until you are well satisfied, or you can add a more aggressive sport propeller. It’s more challenging, but performs well with a bit of wind as well. And it’s virtually indestructable – either it doesn’t break or it repairs easily. And you can get spare parts or just buy a whole new ‘plane since it’s so cheap. And it’s not very dangerous. It has hit me in the face and didn’t even leave a mark! Beyond that it’s a fantastic platform for expansion, and any reduction in battery life doesn’t matter since you’re starting with so much. It has a slot on the circuit board for an F939 aileron servo, which works from the left stick on the transmitter (which can be switched with the right if necessary), so there is a 4th channel available for an aileron upgrade or for turning a camera to look in different directions, or whatever purpose you want. It will carry and power a lightweight 25mW board camera and transmitter no problem, which doesn’t drain the battery much at all. And the transmitter range is good – if the ‘plane is getting too far away to clearly see, or your 25mW video transmission is beginning to get too fuzzy, you’re still nicely in range of the transmitter and don’t lose control. You even get an extremely useful screwdriver for those tiny little recessed cross head screws you find in all kinds of radio controlled stuff. So it’s the best beginner/permanent ‘plane!

Mr. rekt says:


S B Woodandmetal says:

nice plane. how to make this plane at home plzz bro
< >

Shibo Liu says:


Chris Bartlett says:

to bad u cant see anything I the flight video

Dev Chaudhari says:

how to make rc car transmiter &reciver circuit

Raja M says:

I leve

that went differently in my head says:

Holy cow – that’s one flexible wing!

fishing boy says:

im geting that plane

Christian Landsberg says:

Tnx but next time just be more in detale

Let's make says:

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M.r Maker says:

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Akash World says:


Bhavya Patel says:

pls make a video on “making of flying helicopter with remote control” with its circuit… I had the circuit of helicopter but I don’t know how to connect the battery points to the circuit. so pls make a video on this and show the way of Connecting the battery to the circuit….pls….pls… pls.. make it

Keroo Kamaa says:

How it fly…… plx tell me how to take off

Lalan Desai says:

How To Make Water Fountain plzz

David Soom says:

Well, if it didn’t break when the fellow was bending the hell out of it and twisting the wings radically I think I has a chance to fly as and airplane rather than a strength tester for the unboxer. Bang the plastic bags a couple of times against the table and stomp up and down on the transmitter the throw the rest across the room and let the dog have a go at it. Great fun…….but it might be used as an R C airplane too.


how to editing video??

Yugandhar Pandhe says:

awesome creative channel

saad,s expriment lab says:

he is mad he is look like 1.41

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