WLToys F939 RTF Gyro Stabilized 4 channel RC Airplane Flight Test Review

The F939 Polecat is an inexpensive beginner’s airplane with very advanced features. This airplane includes gyro stabilizers to make flying this 4 channel aircraft very easy. This is a huge upgrade to the original non-stabilized F939 which was somewhat difficult for beginner’s to fly. Find the F939 here https://goo.gl/DuMg7Y Get more batteries for it here https://goo.gl/tO7zJf And here’s more from RCMOMENT https://goo.gl/dCe78f

– Ready to fly. Ready to go out of the box. Just charge its batteries before leaving the house.
– In full stabilization mode, gyro and accellerometer stabilization makes crashing this airplane somewhat difficult. In this mode the aircraft will not allow itself to rollover or flip. That’s not to say that someone out there will succeed in doing such 😉
– In acrobatic mode, there is still some mild stabilization to help counter wind buffeting.
– Includes low battery telemetry warning. Transmitter will beep on low battery.
– Two batteries are provided. Also spare batteries for this are cheap and widely available.

– 130mah provides somewhat short flight time. It’s a good thing that two batteries are provided.

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chaosmucker says:

better off buying the XK DHC A600 it does the same and has brushless motors i love it have 2 of them great for fpv and it will bind with a futaba transmitter

RCFun's Diversions says:

You said Quadcopter at 6:26 …. we know where your heart is lol… But  hey I may pick this one up as I never flew a plane b4… 🙂 Great review as always,.. Thanks!!

RC Aeronaut says:

Thanks for the nice video. i own one of these, pretty good and fast as well, but i think it is not a good choice for beginners. i’ve had a few flights on last weekend and crashed it couple of times, broke the rudder from the lower end that holds the landing gear, which i fixed with a packing tape. As to the prop i did not broke it but it became very loose, tilted downwards and keeps dangling , not sturdy anymore, though works ok. Any idea what went wrong and how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your kind suggestions. Cheers

Ralston Regalado says:

what is the best universal transmitter for brushed drones?

satria poncoyudo Poncoyudo says:


Dhecel says:

Hi, will it bind to F959 transmitter?

Waltkat says:

The airframe of this plane is meant for doing stunts, so if the electronics prevent one from doing loops and rolls, what good is it?

takiparilimpossivel says:

The fly time is kind of a bummer:/

Ralph Latham says:

I lined it up and hovered over the “PAY NOW” tag…and went out to the shops….came back with a custard pie…and clicked it! 🙂 5-25 days delivery – I hope it is not late as I am flying to Bangkok in exactly 25 days!

SwiftyChills says:

Which plane do u think is better for me? The WL Toys F939 or The XK 430 ??

TheTechnoBro says:

does the expert rate have more bank and elevation?

Pushp says:

yo quadcopter101 can I please have a drone. it would mean the world to me.

Geza Kopter says:

Hello Qadcopter101!
What trainer would you recommend that could train me to fly a flying wing? Unfortunately I have no experience with airplanes, only with quadcopters.

Michael Smith says:

Nice review as always!!! I do like this and Tha XK a430. Would you recommend the a430 over the f939. I am on a budget and wanted to know your thoughts on this as you have never given me bad advice.

HexDanFPV says:

is it possible to disable the gyro????? please answer

world's fastest rc says:

still in one piece? will the v911 tx bind it?

Eric Finck says:

hey man! I have a question. I want to start a rc review channel, what would you recommend to a beginner?

Robert The GTA monster says:

No I launched it

YouTube Clasher says:

looking back at your fpv transmitter for your runcam, could this possibly provide battery telemetry inside the video if strapped to an x8c, x380 etc with your original board added? https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbyking-e-osd.html

Blake J says:

90 seconds of flight time is absolutely not enough!

ady Unbox&review says:

can i upgraded the battery bechause you know, i realy want more flight time.

even are 4 eagle on my home

Michael Smith says:

Will do. For the price the F939 looks like a lot of fun. I have the F959, Hobbyzone Duet and Hobbyzone Champ. Any Concerns on me going to this one?

Robert The GTA monster says:

I have one of those I just rolled to the right then I crashed it

tjwright says:

I haven’t flown R/C planes in a while, and always had larger nitro planes.   What would you recommend be the max wind I fly this in for the first time?   Mine arrived today and wind forecast for the next week looks crummy.   🙁

Blue Bananas says:

Thank you for the inspiration to get a drone i decided which one to get because of you i decided to het the Xioami Mi Drone

Quadcopter 101 says:

Buy the F939 here from Bangood https://goo.gl/7ZvQXl
Get more batteries here https://goo.gl/F3OCIJ
Buy the F939 here https://goo.gl/bwxWNv Get more batteries for it here https://goo.gl/tO7zJf And here is more from RCMOMENT https://goo.gl/dCe78f

Ralph Latham says:

Not much battery – but it must take a bigger battery? By the appearance of the battery bay in the Bangood add it could hold a much bigger battery…

Fitriani Eka says:

like comment and subscriber ch ini

Gammer racing says:

How much

Bill Somrak says:

Boy, the flight times are pretty short! Needs a Lipo 2 or 3 times the capacity. I wanted to see you turn the gyros off and roll it inverted and make a high speed pass past you while flying inverted. I used to fly one of my bipes (biplanes) inverted in a circle around me, like I was flying U/C (control line). Those were fun days. I see that they have it in the US Warehouse, which is a plus, so you don’t have to wait for a slow boat from China (always a drawback). Thanks for the review .. neat little plane. Cheers!

bigmac says:

Will this plane hover?

The Gavyn Show says:

thats so cool…is it hard to learn to fly an airplane like that?

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