Volantex Ranger BIG Airplane Drone Flight Test Review

This BIG RC airplane has plenty of payload space, and lifting power for that payload. Should make a great long distance FPV explorer airplane. Find it here http://shrsl.com/?~bfd1

– Relatively inexpensive for a large ARF 4 channel airplane. Comes with all equipment needed to fly.
– Fairly gentle flier once trimmed.
– Good flight time.
– Large brushless motor with plenty of power.
– Plenty of lifting power for just about any payload. Also plenty of internal space for installation of auxiliary equipment, such as FPV components.
– Should be easy to maintain line of sight due to its size, even at great distances.

– Partially assembled, but still needs some additional assembly. Instructions are incomplete, particularly regarding wiring of the servos.
– Requires FAA registration.

Brand name: Volantex
Item name: Ranger 757 – 4 Airplane
Wingspan: 1380mm
Flying weight (without battery) : 750g
Transmitter: Mode 2
Motor size: 2212 / 1400KV powerful out runner brushless motor
ESC: 30A brushless ESC
Servo: 9 gram servo (4pcs included)
Recommended battery: 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po
Charger: Included.
Experience level: From beginners to expert (but really, beginners should be assisted with a more experienced flier)
Recommended environment: Outdoor

Novice 4 Channel RTF Version: Glider + 2212KV 1400 Motor + 30A Brushless ESC + 4 x Servos + 11.1V 2200 mAh battery + 1 x Simple balance charger + 1 x RIC four-channel remote control set + 1 x Novice training simulator set

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david teddy says:

Its a big heavy stock batt for a reason…. It was tail heavy

Barend Smit says:

Thank you so much for this detailed review

Mervic Shaju says:

Is the sun over there really that big or is it a camera illusion?

Zeaiclies says:

Make 18650 packs for your quad, longer flight times.

Kalisto Light & Dark says:

im got Quadcopter aircraft with 2.4G pls tell me max distanc of my Quadcopter 😉

Quadflopper101 says:

its not $80 any more, now $130 + $51 shipping. so much for the good deal!

dieselphiend says:

Probably nothing to fear from that battery. It might even be a lithium ion battery. They look like 26650 cells. It’s just canister cells as opposed to the flat cells you’re used to.

edit: Yes, it is lithium ion- ICR26650. Should be a great battery.

Jim P. says:

Yours flew like mine did stock…..Crap…lol. Tail-heavy. Change the motor, adjust the thrust-angle and fly a heavy battery.

JOeSJNr says:

Hi… just to reconfirm, this plane does not have a stabiliser feature, does it?
Thanks. 🙂

ricardopr54 says:

That’s not a big plane, the original Volantex Ranger EX is. The plane you are showing on this video is the small version of the original one.

Thanks for taking your time for this tutorials. Have a great day. Greetings from Douglas, Arizona.

Oskar RC says:

If I had a penny for every time you said flight

brandon fourroux says:

Also, can you do tricks with this plane? like backflips and such.

John Mark Tamano says:

The big stock batteries is a minus factor unless you have a lighter spare.

Sergej Nadaždin says:

Small. There is a 2m span ranger.

Barend Smit says:

How far can it fly?

Waltkat says:

Thanks for the review, this looks like a nice compact plane (compared to what I usually fly) that is easy to transport and fly in the small fields we have around here.
As others have mentioned, that battery you don’t like is probably three 18650 Li-Ion cells, the same type that are currently being used in some current electric cars, scooters, bicycles, etc. They are charged in a similar fashion as Li-Po batteries, notice the balance harness/connector coming out of it. A couple of the advantages of Li-Ion batteries over Li-Po are they can tolerate an over-discharge situation better than Li-Po, plus they are less prone to catching on fire, especially during charging. Some 18650 batteries even have built-it charge protection circuitry. Since Li-Ion cells are encased in metal, they are more durable than Li-Po in impact situations. A good feature to have in this application considering the battery pack is in the nose of the plane where the likelihood of hard impacts with the ground is highly probable, lol.
In addition, one of the reasons you had trouble trimming it out (looked like it was tail-heavy) was because the CG of the plane was shifted when you replaced the heavier Li-Ion battery with a much lighter Li-Po battery. This can be compensated for by using a larger, therefore heavier Li-Po pack. This would serve two purposes; one, preserve the CG point, and two, increase flight time.
Didn’t mean to be critical of you, I greatly enjoy your videos. BTW: great flying site! Wish we had somewhere like this around here. Every time a square foot of space opens up, someone builds a 20 unit condo complex on it.

Obinna Eke says:

What about the follow up video? :p

Thatchman says:

Quadcopter 101! I found these 6 dollar keychain cameras on ebay, there everywhere!!! are these any good?

brandon fourroux says:

When you buy this, does it come with a controller, battery, and charger? Or just the plane itself?

Bestio Le Plumeux says:

5:00 Prehistoric Lipo 😉

James Williams says:

Think that battery is a Li-Ion made from 3 cells. I don’t like em either other than they are safer. They do not appear to be as efficient or powerful to me as regular lipos are.

xsteve408x says:

the battery is an 18650 lithium ion in 3s set up.

Eduardo Jerez says:

that’s not a Lipo, that’s an old Nim style battery

Barend Smit says:

Why did you not do another review/flight?

Diamonds & Rust says:

hi @quadcopter101 check out Andrews mods on his. it went from being a shite flyer to a very well mannered model with easy mods. https://youtu.be/BRojC8QzyPY

The Animator says:

Great Video!

Grackle FPV says:

If you think this is big you should see my planes! Super cool I think I will get one so I can a FPV plane because I fly FPV quads and airplanes LOS, so it will be a first!

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