Top 5: Best First RC Planes

Want to know which remote controlled planes are the best for beginners? We walk you through five categories of planes for beginners and the best options in each to get started in the hobby.
Flite Test Store:
Apprentice 15E:
Champ S+:
Tiny Trainer:
V Venture:

Best Drones for Beginners:


jesse huang says:

Do you have a list of tools you would recommend in order to start this hobby? I’m at a loss here. And thank you all at FT for making this hobby easy to get into!


my rc plane is piper j3 cub fx803 it is under 25 $ heck yea 😀

Imad Morsli says:

I have never owned an rc plane. I want to get the duet

ScreenGames says:

Has anybody told you that you look like bobby from king of the hill?

Simon Nowakowski says:

I recommend the Cessna-182 its a very good plane I started to fly and I was very impressed

TheDragonKnight says:

im not rich i want a good long lasting smooth flyer [airplane] for under £25 any ideas/recommend?

shift n' drift says:

I’m selling a champ s for 70 pounds on Facebook

Michael Wymer III says:

A duet is thee first plane i had full recamend

Caden Frenzel says:

I just started flying with my step dads rc plane the apprentice and im already starting acro mode after a couple days of flying and a i my first trick a loop!

8 Ball Cuber says:

I would like a pusher trainer that is not to expensive, what should I get?

Alfredo Alejandro Mujica Benavides says:

hi, which is better.. FMS CESSNA 182 TRAINER RC PLANE 1100MM RTF or APPRENTICE S 15e.. what is your recommend.. and why..

i buy 2 airplanes one week ago.. one corsair and one spitfire but to me are so difficult.. it is my first time.. thank you

Tyler Dewees says:

Can you learn on a guinea pig or a seaduck?

Honeydoy T says:

I just recently started flying. There was an RC plane air show and I went to it. One guy I was talking to had 5 or 4 different planes. He recommended the RTF Champ. One day after flying it, I fell in love.

HAPI -kun says:

I’m in the hobby since 1 year ago
I learned to fly with a hobbyzone Champ, and i find it quite good

ᘔᗩᖇTᕼᗩ ᒪIGᕼT says:

hey u guys know about vtol planes.

TerminatorGodzilla says:

I only know how to fly rc choppers but I want to fly edf aircrafts and if I built one myself I would have many edf fans to simulate a real jet engine and hopefully more thrust

crazy glasses says:

hey 😀 what about FX 803 piper j-3 cub 😀 is so easy and the cheapest plane 😀 check that plane out somewhere !

Yahn Op says:

Can u review test fly of rc plane huanqi 893?

Unknown User says:

The problem is that I already bought a big 4 channel RC plane with those confusing controllers like 8 switches

Mike Hale says:

I love that plane, the Apprentice is very appealing, one problem, the radio, you must use proprietary radio to get SAFE! CARE TO COMMENT!

AKo. says:

which one of these planes can carry a gopro plz ?

OMVD media says:

I have the old apprentice without safe, still can’t stall enough to crash lol. First plane too.

joespeed1952 says:

What transmitter would you guys recommend for a first time RC flyer? I want something a little more durable than the cheap plastic feel of the X-mitter I got with the Ominus drone. Something very inexpensive, but that does the job and works with multiple aircraft, if I would like to branch out. I was looking for something under $100.

Anil jain says:

Friends plz subscribe my channel. I made very very funny videos .

Lee W says:

I am really glad that the FT folks are updating to the new planes available now.  But I miss Josh S’s sarcastic quips… please bring those back !

SONU KUMAR pbss says:

what’s range

RC and Models says:

I love your videos

R.C. planes and stuff says:

flite test is my favorite rc channel and I started with the sport cub s and the hobby is one of my favorites I would like to see a mini spitfire speed build kit come out thanks

TerminatorGodzilla says:

I want jets as my end goal

FLuid sqY rc fun says:

Thanks guys, love the video, started with multirotor, found out I love flying in general! Y’all have such a helpful channel. I’m really interested in designing my own plane, and y’all have so many helpful ideas. Thanks again

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