Thinking of buying your first RC plane? Check out the Sky King.

Today we take a look at beginner RC Plane and learn why we spend so much of our time on the ground!

Having the propeller not be the first thing to hit the ground as a beginner is a real plus and it is essentially it is a glider so even we could fly it, well sort of!

Key Details:
Left hand throttle: Fit for left-handers.
N60 motor: N60 super power magnetic motor driver.
2.4GHz frequency: Support 200m long distance and high-speed reflect without interference.
Apply to indoor and outdoor flight: Convenient to play with it anywhere.
Easy operation: Suitable for beginners and intermediate flight game players.
Rudder volume size adjustable: You can do all kinds of difficult movements accurately
Lightweight: Only 58g, easy to take out.
LCD transmitter: Check the data in time to make sure the F959 plane’s safety.

Package Contents: 1 x Aircraft, 1 x Transmitter (mode 2) , 1 x Li-po Battery, 1 x Wing Set, 1 x Wing Stiffener, 1 x Balance Charger, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Chinese + English User Manual


Jordan Larson-Sell says:

first like and comment!

Christian Noddeboe says:

great beginner but thes kids are not rc pilots great vid review and plane though.

Pretzil295 says:

It’s a glider… Not a jet… You were flying it to hard. it’s suppose to just glide (your better off throwing it down a hill with 25% throttle)

Tim Oehrle says:

dude you have no idea how to fly dont get tipps

FreeChristianCounseling says:

rc is dead its all drones… instant gratification.

Elias Norrman says:

Beginners & Sailplanes is diffrent..

Somethingangster says:

It either y’all picked the windiest day to fly… Or you just full throttle that bitch the whole time which would make it do back flips n shit.

coolcrap101 says:

awesome video

Hypercam23 says:

Where do you guys get your music from?

HumbleHeartMinistry says:

I own the Sky King. It flies ok, but mine keeps on loosing the props. It will be flying fine and then no power, why? because the prop flew off! LOL! Anyways, it is easy to fly but not built good and it won`t last very long with beginner crashes. So maybe look into one of the Horizon Hobby S.A.F.E. planes, or a duet or something like that would be better in my opinion.

korling99 says:

We just got one. Is the motor supposed to be slightly crooked?

Kerb_appeal says:

Buy a boxer from hobbyking

bigdandodge4x4 says:

I’m tally thinking about getting this plane and really wanted to watch this review about it…. but I really don’t want to feel like a pedophile, watching little boys unbox there new toys

thafactor24 says:

terrible pilots

Jon Hohensee says:

I love your fake Aussie accents.

steve arpey says:

Good plane for these kids to learn on.. Cheap and very durable… I had to learn on gas powered balsa wood 4 channel planes that were expensive, time consuming, difficult to fly and turned into a pile of match sticks the first time you crashed. WIth the free FMS sim and a 20 dollar controller, you can learn to fly before you ever try…. or you can do what these boys did and buy a cheap foam beater plane and have at it… Their way seems more fun and they aren’t sitting staring at a screen..

James C Eastep says:

I liked the young guys sharing this hobby with us. That is what it is all about. I think they demonstrated that this plane is pretty kid-proof. Probably old man proof too, from what I have seen on other You Tube videos… good thing. I’m an old man.

Kerb_appeal says:

It looks a little tale heavy

Al Dez says:

Dont Throw it Just Let It take off From your Hand With a slight forward Motion

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