The Switch RC Plane Review and Maiden Flight

You’re probably attracted to R/C flying for the chance to perform dramatic maneuvers with a realistic low-wing model. But first, you have to master the fundamentals — which is faster and MUCH easier with a high-wing basic trainer.

Will you need to buy two planes to reach your ultimate goal? Not if your first is the Flyzone Switch.

Start in the trainer configuration to learn essential skills. Then “switch” to the low-wing sport configuration for more adventurous flying. It’s quick, simple, and requires nothing more than what Flyzone already includes in the box.

The Switch offers the ideal combination of durability, agility and versatility. It will always be one of your favorite planes!

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FordSierraIS says:

why does people want to start with trainers? id say its better to start with the wing design that youre going to fly in the end and dont waste time learning a plane youre not gonna use. i started with a PZ extra 300 and flew it easy peasy first time and then didnt have to buy another plane after 2-3 flights, or having a hybrid like this that isnt really great in either designs.

Nick Griffin says:

trim is where you adjust servos or anything else so your overall flight is better

Yeshwanth Nagendra says:

Where can i buy one of these sets??

K V says:

I really enjoy your reviews!

isleman44 says:

Bloody difficult to find the price….Goodbye

mini craft says:

i love the RC
by Scott the RC man

Jacob S. says:

thank you so much Eric, you are the inspiration that led me to start flying rc planes. please check out my channel soon and if you can please do a review of the e flite zero

Jaaa Haha gaga says:

Nice airplane
How much you paid for it?

Happy Homestead Family says:

Well, I’ve been out of R/C for about 30 years and a lot has changed. Seems that almost all planes are styrofoam now. Not much balsa used anymore? You made a comment that the 2.4 ghz radio won’t interfere with other planes on the field. Is that for all of the 2.4 radios? How is it that they won’t interfere? The old Futaba, Airtronics and Tower Hobbies radios all had frequency flags to be sure we wouldn’t interfere with other planes. That would be really cool not to have to worry about that. Our 13 year old daughter just bought her first plane – a Skynova which I like quite well. Didn’t see this one before she bought hers. Thanks!

James Darr says:

How long does it fly on a single charge?

Julia Nash says:

But your voice sounds like a turd

Hank Rawlings says:

Does the radio that comes with this plane have a buddy cord jack port and have you tried to use a Spectrum radio alongside this?

mini craft says:

love the video i am going to get started on my rc planes cause they are soooooooooo FUN!!

joehandsome99 says:

Thanks for watching and the comment. I appreciate it.


Eric, Did you have to add any weight to your Switch to achieve a Good CG??? We added 1/4 oz. to the Spinner, and 1/4 ounce of lead under cowl!! lol. Flies GREAT Now!! Even towed up a glider on flight 4! =)

Ballwiz 23 says:

This is exactly what I need. But it costs wayy to much! Can’t afford that.

Jo3y Ry6aCk1 says:

Needs a price

ultrakool says:

i may well go with this, as i’m a newb who just joined a local club with all turf landing. maybe put some larger tires on it. it’s good that it’s landing gear is out in front of the airfoil’s leading edge, for the grass landings. i like that it’s switchable, since i’ve mastered much of the aerobatic maneuvers on the simulator…now on to the real thing, up we go…

selva kumar says:

what is the cost

Nick Griffin says:

Maybe a super cub or a micro would be best
ailerons are very hard to start on.

quinnjim says:

I have this plane. It’s pretty cool, but there are two problems with mine. First, the tail wheel is VERY flimsy and is a well known flaw in this design. It breaks repeatedly in normal use. Second, my battery charger does not work properly. It seems to charge the battery, but it gives an error code at the end instead of indicating a complete charge. I bought a new battery and had the same result.

Chris Prather says:

good review but the charging system sucks i just got mine today. the charger is effed up and i cant plug the battery in the esc


MrJJK2010 says:

awesome vid

Thuribles says:

Nice job Eric. Liked and subscribed.

Chad Falksen says:

Is this plane good for beginners? I want to start flying but don’t know what plane to get

Martin Hilgert says:

nice plane

FourDollaRacing says:

Gawd that thang is ugly!

BTPPaintBallTeam says:

hey eric another great video im brand new to flying have logged lots of hours on a simulater rf 6 . im pretty comfortable handling the planes on a sim i can hover do high alpha’s knife edges, but i want to start slow on the real planes as a sim i dont think will match the realism, do you think the switch would be a good starter plane. i like that it comes rtf with a controller and battery and everything else just wondering if you think it would be a good trainer in the trainer mode.

EastCoast Rc says:

my very first 4ch plane and its still one of my favorite… in fact i bought a second one and use it for practicing new tricks and lots of in flight footage .. im actually debating putting floats on my first one 🙂 great review 🙂

Nick Griffin says:

Can you make a tutorial for putting floats on the switch? Thanks

mjproebstle says:

Recently purchased this plane – 1st electric plane I’ve bought, been flying ‘gas’ rc for 30+ years. I flew this plane for the 1st time in the ‘trainer’ configuration today, and I must say I was delighted & impresed as well. Will try ‘sport’ config tomorrow. Thanks for vid – visuals are always helpful & informative, good review. I think I choose a great first electric park flyer :). Now i see there’s a bipe mod – I’m tempted!

mountaintruth1 says:

maybe tell electric fliers they will want several battery packs so while they are flying another pack is charging…

Charles Aldridge says:

I enjoyed the video. It has been about fifty years since I flew control line models. RC was just too expensive in those days! Seeing how easy it was to convert from high wing trainer to low wing sporter caught my interest. Thanks for a very informative video! One question, though, is the electric motor speed variable?

Alec says:

how much

mountaintruth1 says:

fair at best, but electrics are too light and without proper wing loading they all float like leaves, shoot higher:)

Francisco Pinto says:

@joehandsome99 How much could that air plane cost? with everything ready to fly, remote e.t.c

MrJJK2010 says:

how do you do that rolls

PRUDVI RAJ Variganti says:

I want to buy this Switch RC Plane, can you tell me the cost and process.

Jack Jones says:

4:59 this what you came for

jjovereats says:

Or make it a biplane.

Paisano Antonio says:

hey great video, now I want the plane, cool Just got my son a remote c airplane and we can’t wait to fly it.

rataca100 says:

were do you fly your planes looks like a street

shafna Kabeer says:


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