The Carbon Flyer Remote Control Plane

These makers have created a carbon fiber toy airplane that you control via an app on their phone. Brook and Brian love the idea, but it’s got to prove durability.

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Omar Valadez says:

well played.

Karla Peña says:

looks intriguing tho

Earl says:

In the last scene the plane was on a thread

igrenade says:

let’s crash it numerous times instead of demonstrating its sole purpose of flight.

Cuda FX says:

an obviously expensive looking toy with poor manuverability, crippled by shitty motion controls. brilliant!

jbracamontes118 guadalupe says:

A donde la venden el abion

Karla Peña says:

you can clearly see the strings on the plane at the end of the video dont buy

Durrpadil says:

Simple, effective. I like this idea.

Jeff Galvez says:

Wouldn’t pass in dragon’s den

gptsx jr says:

I prefer controllable flight ratger than 1000 times durability but with 10% usable flight time

Saad Maqsood says:

They just Insulted the Carbon Flyer.not a review

Harlan H. mote says:

How many thousand’s of people have prepaid for this and never gotten nothing some of them have been waiting for 2 years and nothing. That is the question… besides i don’t like any plane or quad you have to fly with you phone it makes for very bad flying. I fly hand built Rc Planes from Balsa wood durability comes form skill not what it is made out of. just another gimmick to take your money’……. I am 51 years old i still have planes i built back in 1975 . The last i seen they were trying to get them manufactured in china.

AlexCraft37 says:


PerfectParadox says:

I despise these reviewers. They act like such douchebags.

deutscher channel says:

“lets take a scene where you can perfectly see the string that touces the airplane”. Yes beatyfull idea!

Good Piggy says:

Carbon Flyer is a Nokia’s brother

Dim Ladas says:


Abiali says:

I want it

Jack man says:

I just want to know if you can put a camera in it?

Jimmy Pham says:

where can I buy this

AVCD44 says:

its a freeking weapon !!!

Daniel Madrigal says:

looks pretty strong but not much of a flier

orange42 says:

Were there any wide shots of it actually controlled flying? I didn’t see any. Only close up edits which could have been someone throwing it.

twist Oliver says:

Gonna put a knife in front of it

mrk107 says:

After seeing this I’m so glad I didn’t buy one.

Helen Paulsen says:


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