Techboy Mini Fox World’s Cheapest RC Airplane Flight Test Review

This may be the lowest cost ready to fly RC planes currently available. Yet it’s still a great flier. Find it here

– Two channel 2.4Ghz RC airplane. Very simple and easy to fly.
– Very inexpensive. Very affordable as a first learn to fly RC plane.
– Assembled and ready to fly. Should be able to get into the air very quickly.

– Internal battery. Although it can be recharged in the field using its controller as the power source.
– Requires some balancing of the plane’s center of gravity. Instead of bending control surfaces to correct as per the instructions (which may break), strongly recommend instead using any sticky putty to balance out the plane’s CG. If the plane immediately noses in after launching, then add a little weight to the tail. If it goes up and down like a roller coaster (phugoid oscillations), then add a little weight to the nose.

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Jathin Pangal says:


joselo yasay says:

I have depression

Vikas Singh says:

Hi Nice review

Dan Jacob says:

Neat little plane! I’d take off the landing gear – the lighter the better (not in a wind, though:)

KJ6EPL says:

I like how you started the video with the plane flying. That was cool.

Fe Wolf says:

I was looking at this last night

Kevin Dobson says:

I just bought this for my 6 year old son because of this video. $15 if u use the app!! Can’t wait to get it.

neon an creeper gaming says:

Finally you do a review of this tech boy I was waiting for 1 year.

Donnie Thacker says:

Thanks for the vid

Quadcopter 101 says:

*Find it here*

Dufour- FPV says:


mshane86 says:

Looks pretty lame, even for kids. But only $16…

Tolis Kokk says:


Hayy Papi says:


GarethRossUK says:

Arrival notice, not in stock.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

It IS cheap but it will never replace the Flybear range 🙂

telephony says:

Looks like a very good little beginner R/C airplane (aeroplane) once you get it trimmed up with putty, thumbtacks, or whatever else you have on hand that would serve the purpose. 🙂

Personally, I don’t care for the controls on that radio; I’d prefer real joysticks — but I’m speaking by personal preference here — some pilots might not have any issue at all with the slider/button combo on its radio.

R4Reviews says:


Hayy Papi says:

First again

Ian Pellant says:

Rudder control is similar to my first RC plane in 1968. Single channel Futaba. A Tone transmitter with just a press button. Press once and hold for right rudder; press-release and press again and hold for left rudder (or vice versa). All on or all off. Engine was a Cox .049 – no throttle. No elevator. So here we are back to the RC basics of 50 years ago. A great way to learn how to fly.

Мужская тема says:

goooooooooood morning man^)

GAproductions says:

Seems like you can use the remote as a weird looking power bank for your phone too lol

Selim Nemli says:

C-17 rc plane or this ? What should buy?

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