T-28 Trojan 1100mm 43″ Warbird Eleven Hobby RC Plane REVIEW – TheRcSaylors

Buy the T-28 here – https://goo.gl/FrtDmN
Since I’ve been flying RC planes I’ve noticed other people at the club have always had T-28 Trojan planes and I’ve always wondered what all the hype was about. Personally, I’m a fan of the P-51 Mustang and the F4U Corsair and never really put much thought into the Trojan until now! I can tell you that flying this with the landing gear up just pulls you into the realism of flying this beautiful plane! The flaps work wonderfully, and everything about this plane just screams true to scale! It’s the perfect size for travel, yet large enough to see orientation with no problem at all! I’m not sure this will ever take the place of my favorite plane, the P-51 Mustang, but it’s definitely earned a spot in my garage / hanger of must have planes 🙂 Happy Flying!

*Everything you need for this plane :
T-28 Trojan – https://goo.gl/FrtDmN
Transmitter – https://goo.gl/czLtCF
Battery – https://goo.gl/NZjr2q
LiPo Alarm – https://goo.gl/4AP7AH

*Everything you need for Nate’s Race Drone :
Buy the race drone (Furious 215) here – https://goo.gl/BhLXaS
Spare Drone Batteries – https://goo.gl/ovH0fG
Spare Props – https://goo.gl/DDOh1r
DVR Goggles (for recording) – https://goo.gl/jvbP1k
Nate’s FPV Goggles – https://goo.gl/FF4sid
Action Cam – https://goo.gl/5uIBzG

*Our Personal Favorite Battery Charger for all RCs :
Venom Quad – https://goo.gl/fcjrmV
Save some Money and Buy The Venom Duo – https://goo.gl/b1NmEC

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jjp 735i says:

Another nice review. I’ve been wanting a better charger and you made up my mind to get the Venom dual charger. I also have 2 of there batteries and like them.

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Hi guys, The kitchen is done so I can finally unpack the plane. I am glad I never opened it. We had bondo dust everywhere. My Kadet is filled with dust again. I will have to take it back out and clean it all over again. I need to contact the Manufacterers of the Kadet and see about replacement decals. I want to sand off the finish and repaint it. I hate that color. Why would anyone paint a plane beige( aside from Africa)?

K V says:

Excellent video! very enjoyable. Great information on fitting the battery.

Honest Reviews says:

Hey Nate where do you plug the Lipo alarms? Into the ballance plug and if you, which end of the prongs if you are looking at the numbers right side up

Miles Rogers says:

Hey RCSaylors. Would you recommend this plane as a good second plane? Is it fairly stable in the air? Thanks
Also would this work with the spectrum system?

M SR says:

What you set on Expo on Q S & H

Michael Katt says:

Does any kit build any more?

John Ellenberger says:

Great video. And yes, Trojans did come in yellow too…:0)

Shehul Suratwala says:

I went to jhonson space center, Houston where volunteer explained me the colour scheme. Yellow colour indicates the plane is for student pilot training program. It looks amazing. they actually have those kind of real aircraft in the museum.


Like your videos it’s a money grabbing piece of shit

fritz says:

that chase shot was so good

Emkay 4Q2 says:

good video and informations…


that drone footage was spot on and love the landing and plane!!!!!!

woodstoney says:

Great video and especially enjoyed the chase plane views! Well done and great plane!

MyBigThing2010 says:

man I’ve wanted an rc airplane since I was 8 years old and watching these videos brings me back to that time…I never got one…instead I got a gas teathered plane that just did circles with altitude change while tied to a string mechanism that operated the flaps….was such a disappointing Xmas! I thought it was rc and then got it out of the box and even my parents were disappointed…shoot almost 25 years later and I still want one as bad as I did then….ugh.. maybe someday…great flyer though…really sweet plane and the yellow is pretty sick looking….good stuff. …is where you work hiring lol

Sir Penguin says:

What did you use the chase the plane

Thomas Membride says:

Yellow looks great in the sky. nice video. Nice plane and wish we had that weather in scotland more often.

Kevin Troutman says:

Hey I want you guys to know your wife’s hot

darkiee69 says:

Is the flap one or two position type?

Ken Stovall says:

Can I add a camera to this plane ? and does it come with a remote as well ?

Thanks, Ken

PJ Neslo says:

You two should show your collection of all your RC related things like planes and quads.. So glad your channel has gotten bigger… Great video as always !!

PJ Neslo says:

The footage from the drone following the T-28 was absolutely spectacular.. Awesome stuff..

Kevin Troutman says:

And I enjoy every glider you put up everything you guys are so f****** cool

Sketch Román says:

Hi can I have a drone please please please please please please

Marshall Roets says:

Are you aloud to use petrol engines in North America ?

sparkythebuilder says:

Great flying Nate! And Abby too!

Dalton325 says:

Is that how you guys mow the grass? 🙂


wow that is really nice!

3FLYTE says:

The drone chase camera footage is gorgeous.

TheRcSaylors says:

This is a beautiful plane! Buy the T-28 here – https://goo.gl/FrtDmN

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