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The HobbyZone Champ RTF is an RC airplane for beginners. Easy to fly and less than $100 the Champ- survives Chris’ first attempt at flying an RC plane. Considering the trees and wires around the park he did a good job to bring the Champ home in one piece.

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sushi roll says:

It looks likes it’s fun

Alkatraz says:

Good video, thank you very much!

Greetings from Germany!

Jacob Pellinen says:

He flew good it appeared he was jamming at the sticks and pushing all over

meygan merlissa says:

Psssst, i like the old man

CrysisPointman says:

That’s what she said.

SuperBigDog2U says:

Looks like a nice beginner rc plane. Seems like the plane is made of styrofoam. I used to have a very large styrofoam hand glider which was very durable and easy to fix if you did break something. Seems though that this plane made of that, for $100.00 is a bit pricy. Looked like you had a good time with it though and didn’t look too difficult to fly. Seems to live up to the Beginner labeling so that’s definitely a plus. Good video review.

Petworth Traction Co. says:

Don’t use the built in mic on the video camera.

Free Music Downloader - All Music says:

Buen Trabajo 😉 eres un Crack

theBabyDead says:

My first plane was 10x more awesome, 3x as big and had a huge battery which didn’t stop it from flying. (it had a life of about 45 minutes)

However, it didn’t have a landing gear so it would just fall to the ground every time you’d try to land and slowly damage itself. Before that actually got to the damaging point tho, the accellerators (which it had 4 of, on the wings) tore the wings apart.

See, now that was just a crap quality yet awesome plane right there. 😛

Markyajv says:

I have that Salvador Dali clock!!

-RV7- says:

I’ve flown RC planes for 30 years but I still enjoy flying my little Champ – a very cool little plane

tytyFX // Motion Design says:


Smoop says:

6:32 this rc helicopter the champion lol

Robert Cox says:

This plane is a piece of crap . Flew it one time about 6 feet in the air . once it crashed in the grass , the wheel was missing . battery was hanging down from velcro and the runner was broke . its made out of the same styrofoam that paper plates are made out of. Dont waste your money . Its cheap .

Coyote Alley says:

I have been flying rc for like 6 years and I own that plane I love it I would recommend it to anybody

tleeg74 says:

I felt like i was in a dentists chair or a doctors waiting room with that music while the plane flew around…Ha Ha, nice review.

David Flores says:

That’s very cool. One question: in the video you’re doing all sorts of loop-de-loops and tight turns and such. Is that because it’s hard to sustain graceful, level flight with this plane or because you were intentionally hot-dogging it, or was it maybe just because it was your first time with an RC plane?

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