Splinter Cell Blacklist Paladin Aircraft Edition Unboxing (C-147B Paladin Aircraft RC Airplane)

New game smell…something I’ve missed for a long time…
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Console gameplay recorded with Roxio Game Capture HD Pro
PC gameplay recorded with Avermedia Live Gamer HD
Edited with Sony Vegas 12
Commentary recorded with Blue Snowball Ice USB microphone


P I L O T says:

It depends on the crash…. I have quite a few of these planes, and they are a great starter plane! But moslty it wont get damaged to bad

JosueTeCulea says:

They used that material because first of all is cheap, second many people who buy this edition would have never used an rc plane before. Third, it will not break if you crash. And if it was made of plastic. it would need a more powerful engine to fly, because of its weight. For what I see the plane looks bad ass.

Dom Noah says:

it’s $169

Alpatriod says:

The foam part should not be disappointing because it is easier to repair and is lighter, there are no rc planes that small made of all plastic.

The Justice Clubhouse says:

you’ve earned a new subscriber @VeryTraumatic! 😀 Keep it up bro!

KirukatoSenpaiOffiical says:

Please do Watch Dogs Collectors Edition Unboxing!

P I L O T says:

Thats is good quality for an RC plane, don’t get me wrong its not the best but its good! When you crash it it won’t break….


Thing is cheap fly horribly if u get it off the ground b4 it nose dives really sucks man

TheHydro010 says:

I have the black ops 2 quadroter and that made from styrophome :/

thereach9 says:

I got it for ps3

LiquidusTalon says:

Newbie question – won’t it be damaged from being dented? how easily will it be (dented) ?

Mike Meyer says:

While calling EPP and EPO foam “styrofoam” may be technically correct, it gives the wrong impression since this stuff is NOT like the styrofoam bits you buy in a craft store or that are used as packing. They are really common for small RC aircraft costing hundreds of dollars. It tends to dent rater than bend or break on minor crashes, but those normally don’t affect flight. If something worse than that happens, it’s also easy to repair. You can use either a foam-specific glue (avoid superglue – it will eat the foam) or a transparent tape.

Chase Martin says:


Karen Andrews says:

That’s a sad ending to the AoE disc lol

sirlordwhitman says:

If it was made of plastic and not styrofoam, and you crashed it say like..on someone’s house, you would then wish it was made of Styrofoam


Most rc planes are made of styrofone

rocky acharya says:

You Were Expecting the plane to be heavy and it was not… Am I right?

Nathan says:

Looks sick! Im going to get splinter cell when i get a new 780 soon 😀

TheChrisglasgow says:

Nice 1, how much was it for this edition ? Whats the game like ?

uc1hamadara13 says:


loloxych says:

Black ops 2 quadrocopter was made of the same material. Disappointed as well as you.

Canadian | CS:GO Betting! says:

nice bro

Lachlan McNair says:

Epp foam and is not a beginner plane it is a 2nd or 3rd plane

ColdChills01 says:

I got mine for PS3.. but im not gonna assemble it.. i’ll keep it in box untouched… im thinking about ordering just the plane… its $20 more minus the game …Good Un-boxing

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