SDM Yellow Bee RC Plane (Harbor Freight)

Diversion from my usual quadcopter videos. My little brother gave me this two years ago. Today I decided to take it out of its box for its first flight. I’ve never flown RC with anything but a quadcopter. Not too bad for a beginner! It’s a fun little plane, and very forgiving for beginners. Watch at about 3 minutes where it has to fly by itself for about 20 seconds.


David Smith says:

both of mine are going clockwise, and i can’t figure out how to make it go i flip the engine the opposite way  it turns?  or do the spin one way ?

David Smith says:

mine crashed and we fixed it.  the quesion i have, is do the propellers spin in opposite directionswhen going forward?  i can’t seem to figure that out.

ToyKingWonder says:

Differential thrust planes can be fun!  My son and I each had  different color Aerobird Outlaws and flew them for hours.  We also still have an old TigerShark by Wattage, which makes for great gliding too…we would get it up to just be a speck in the sky and glide it back.   I have a Yellow Bee that my beloved uncle gave me before he passed away.  That is why I am checking out your video!  I need to get a new battery for it, I don’t think he ever flew it–but we are going to.

Nathan Seaman says:

Haha I have one but I can’t fly it 🙁

francis3596 says:

I just got me one of these cannot wait to fly it!

David Smith says:

I’m getting closer to just will not climb.  it flies straight now, it just wont lift.  what way do i move the elevators to make it climb?
thanks for all the info by the way!

Peter Gregory says:

You should be careful flying around that many people.

Quadcopter 101 says:

By the way, I’ve since learned to slightly adjust the aircraft’s elevators for climbing under power.  And also that this is really a glider. When I get up high, I let it glide for much longer flights 🙂

Zach I. says:

Nice video BRO

Joshua Moreno says:

How long is the flight time and how long do you have to charge it?

Quadcopter 101 says:

This was my first ever successful RC airplane flight (not counting quadcopters).  I’m so proud of myself!

Andrew Zalesski says:

Mine does not fly like that it won’t even take off on its own it just falls back to the ground

Nate Brenneman says:

So far I’ve had good success with my yellow bee. For me it was settting the trim for the throttle and to set the trim for turning as even as possible. Take it up to altitude and it flies great. Especially for the price! Nice video and first flight as well.

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