Review: HobbyKing Sport Jet 70 RC plane

If you’ve already learned to fly RC planes and are looking to get into EDFs then this would be a great starting point. However, if you’re looking to set any speed records, you will be less impressed.

– incredibly quick assembly time (15 minutes from box to flying)
– nice and stable, easy to fly
– seems pretty tough, able to take a few knocks

– nose-heavy with anything larger than a 4S 2200 battery
– “leisurely” performance with standard ESC and 4S battery
– crappy stickers that come off in the sun

In summary: If you’d like a ParkZone Habu but don’t want to spend that much money then this is a good alternative.

Note: this review was filmed over a 2-month period so sorry about repeating some stuff. Test pilot was Barry – an EDF novice.


Haider Zulfiqar says:

what is its price

Pinguin6218 says:

Very nice plane.

dennis jones says:

Hi Bruce I agree about the stickers I’v taken them off both of mine, also I got the arf with no esc installed 65amp turnigy’s. With 65c 2650s and no front servo or undercart try this before you go 5 cell

stormysrider says:

Thats not a Habu’s tailpipe!!!!!

Devon metters says:

Would this be a good first EDF? I have been flying normal prop planes for a few years now. Can it land on a bumpy strip?

wizzard363 says:

That is true for most parts of the world but HobbyKing still have them in stock for Aussie buyers , also a few LHS stock them here too

OGPPL says:

Needs retracts

F35JSF1 says:

bruce you should eliminate those 3 dangling airbrakes and put in light servo less retracts

geneticallyinferior1 says:

the habu2 is quick and easy to add flaps and retracts. also doesn’t suffer from the fatal flaw of last generation battery bay. the habu has a removable canopy where you have easy access to a vast electronics bay to move around a larger selection of batts. so upgrading the power system is a breeze and there is a lesser chance that you have to resort to ballast to compensate for poor engineering

msteklacs says:

Nice flying footage! Good job on the camera!

Adrian Vermeulen says:

I’d like to see how you go with painting too, I’ve tried my wife’s artist paint on my AXN and that kind of works but it’s still a bit flaky. I did get hold of some foam safe spray paint and prepped the EPO on a flying wing with a light sanding and then did a quick undercoat of spray adhesive like 3M 77, that seems to be working well but I’d love to see what others are doing too.

Also want to say thanks for the videos Bruce

John Philip Solano says:

Enlighten us, haters. create a video response! Let us know what you think!

MrCasehatter says:

Getter Done…!!! Thanks Bruce Ma where is my britches?

blackbirdboy1 says:

Yes Yes Yes. Review how to paint EPO. Mine is flaking off. I used acrylic paint. I need to be able to see the plane in the air and know its orientation, we don’ get that much sun in the UK, and seeing the white AXN against grey dull sky is pretty hard. Thanks muchly!!!

shbib says:

Worth watching again with the captions turned on just for the LOLz 🙂

Derek Rowe says:

Ive painted EPO successfully before , a light sanding and then a coat of water based floor varnish to get the paint to adhere nicely.

Palak says:

Do you have a video about the Habu?

geneticallyinferior1 says:

or you could do 3 part videos.
1. build review
2. initial flight review – stock
3. long term test review – mods made

more vids the better!

geneticallyinferior1 says:

5:22 “genocide does fly well”

roadstar499 says:

Is this hobbyking jet the same as the freewing cobra which seems exactly the same?? Would it be hard to convert it so you remove canopy and install a bigger battery? also is the edf unit easy to remove and replace with a better motor/fan or would you have to cut model??? thanks

Crasha Stanford says:

So lets get on with the mods and get the video on the site in a reasonable time frame…..anytime in the next 24 hours will be fine Lol

wizzard363 says:

The Dynam Meteor might be a better option ,its easy to fly and is very similar in design. Priced about the same but it can take a 2650mah 4S or 5S without the need to change esc .The stock setup on the Meteor can handle 5S without a problem and there is plenty of room to move the packs for COG. so there is no need to add lead .
Great review thanks

sirlordwhitman says:

this is about as slow as the dolphin jet

HallmarkAust says:

Bruce how much lead would you say it needs for the 4S 2650mAh batteries?

craftrunner says:

I have one goes like the clappers, move the battery holder back 70mm, use a 3300mah batt, extend the elevators to the tips, by joining the ends and cutting hindge lines in. Add a 50amp esc. And you have an awesome plane. Keep up the good work ..Cheers Steve from Nelson

argat11 says:

Thank you for this review, Bruce! I’ve been thinking in getting me a Habu but the price of it doesn’t make it a prioirty. However, this seems to be a great option! I’ll wait and see the second part of the rewiew to see how did it go with the larger pack. Thanks again! Ar.

CrashPilot1000 says:

Hmm, it seems to be a weird concept of this plane. I looks like a burner but actually underpowered with peeling off stickers. How long is the flighttime? 10-15 Minutes? Maybe they should deliver the plane without stickers already attached?
Anyway nice review, like always! Keep it coming.
Cheers Kraut Rob

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