Review: HobbyKing Skipper RC plane

The HK Skipper RC plane is classified as an “all terrain” plane but it really excels at flying from water. Notice also how impressed the bystanders were with this model.

To be honest, there’s little to fault with this model, it flies very nicely and makes the task of taking off and landing from water incredibly simple. As you can see in the video, it is very forgiving and even at very high angles of attack, the delta wing produces little more than a gentle stall.

– good build quality
– a great stable but aerobatic design
– easy take-offs and landings on water, grass or other surfaces
– well priced (even when not on special)
– very fast build time (under 15 minutes)

– servos are pretty crappy
– does not handle cross-winds well when taxiing on water

It’s a ball… this is one of those “must have” models, even if you don’t have a lake to fly from.


ourblue Robert wells says:

Looks like Steve Shumates Polaris. Takes off on grass,snow or water. Aerobatic. Great fun doing touch and goes on grass.

hav eric says:

check flitetest latest water proofing…. I bought this foam is soft did epoxy the base slides nice …enjoyed your review thanks

Jeds RC Planes says:

ducks taste good

Jeff Brown says:

Nice job!! Have you flown it off grass?

Adrian Gunawan says:

Hk skipper’s design almost the same like electrifly seawind ep.Try to compare them.Foam vs wood construction seaplane.

King Shawn says:

cyber monday

John F Hendry says:

Wow… another great model from Hobby King.

Ali Sievewright says:

Loved the Ali Cam footage!!

nicfishn1 says:

looks like a real fun way to meet girls at my local lake park.

terry vincent says:

That is a fast plane.

a mac says:

Cool little plane Bruce, flared like a duck on landing the first time too. Joe Public were enjoying the show as well, lucky you didn`t spill the beans on Obama`s NZ drone program!

Bohica FPV says:

Looks like I’m going to have to learn how to fly planes, I have the perfect canal runway…Thanks for the review. 

Miguel Coelho says:

Seems like a nice plane but in case you want to use it on grass or snow, how easy is it to hand throw? And is it tough enough to handle asphalt landings? Thanks and keep it up!
Oh! And how about some led’s for some night flying on the lake? Too much? 🙂

stewjw says:

Reminds me, I need to build my Polaris Depron precut kit I lazily bought from someone ages ago.

erg0centric says:

“How do you stop it?” – call MFNZ
just kidding Bruce.

CYGNUS-X1 says:

Nice video and nice plane.

Douglas Faed says:

Hey Bruce just a tip to help steer on water use the ailerons with the rudder. Works much better as one side will dip down and drag in the water which drags and helps the turn. Also, be careful in wids because it will flip over, and over, and over if not facing into the wind while on the water.

crenn6977 says:

Looks like a hell of a lot of fun! 😀 Might have to put it on my wish list later in the year. Although I think just learning to fly in the local park (or more accurately, crashing in the local park) will have to do for now.

jetsahead says:

Looks like a copy of my scratch built Polaris that Ive had for a few years. It’s a beautiful flyer and easily takes off from a grass field as well.

RoboTekno says:

Great little review. One day I’m going to get a skipper. I’d love to try it on fresh powder snow 🙂

Fred S says:

See my Porco Rosso version of Shumates Polaris, look for “Porco flies again”.
And yes I agree, it flies as on rails.

Martin says:

Excellent flying video sir!

WarblesOnALot says:

G’day Bruce,

Lovely, it looks great fun to fly, even if half of those Ducks do finish up with unresolved insecurity-complexes after being traumatised like that by being pursued and closely harrassed by such culturally Alien Technology…

They’ll probably consistently over-eat for the rest of their lives, and each tragically-traumatised Duckie will finish up the size of a Goose ; whereupon they’ll no doubt stand for election to the Board of Directors at MAFA, probably due to the Herd-Instinct, birds of a feather tending to flock together, as they do, and there are already so very many fat old Geese gobbling about the place & obviously running the MAFA…(?)..!

I could be extrapolating, with perhaps a dash of speculation, and maybe spiced with a note of excoriation, even…; but, such is reportage in today’s modern world, eh, what ?


Ciao !

MasterBata says:

Hey, send it to me, and I’ll review the “fly from snow” bit for you 🙂

mr.hexus says:

You become numb. Maybe it’s time to send something in space?

valderja says:


Hugh Hemington says:

Flite Test just did a good primer on making things water resistant.

Mark Harrison says:

Beautiful flight!  I’m going out tomorrow with my flying buddy, he’ll be flying his skipper.  He agrees, it’s a really nice plane.

RC Friends @ Lekkerkerk says:

Like Jon mellis said, this looks just like the Polaris by Shumate and that flys like a dream. Must be the delta shaped wing.

Nice to see a review like this!!

Max Um says:

outlaw flyers unite!

Tom Markwell says:

Bruce, I love my Skipper too.  I mostly take off and land on grass and it really loves a heavy dew in the early morning.  I have lined the hull with a sacrificial layer of HK fibre reinforced tape and that saves it from any abrasion.  Love the extensive flight envelope and especially its ability for high alpha and very manageable stall characteristics. Agree, it’s a must have.

TheAdkFlyer10 says:

Thanks for the great review and flight video Bruce! Perfect timing too as I just got one of these from Mrs Claus! 😉
My maiden will be off of snow though!

Ingo Gerken says:

Bruce, further to your crosswind comments. I flew mine in about 20 knot wind and found that when I tried to turn back into wind after getting blown sideways the aeroplane flipped over! Fortunately the wind then blew it back the right way up. This occurred twice before I gave it full welly and got it back in the air. One of the aileron servos didn’t survive the experience so your comments on the servos are spot on. 
You showed on your landing there the high alpha capabilities of the aeroplane. Give low speed flight a go, you’ll have a hoot.

Lewis Maker says:

Oh Ali you know you want one. But since Lanyu doesn’t make one you can’t get it for free. So I don’t think you will be doing your own review soon.  Love you Bro.

Lewis Maker says:

Well i had a bad motor (DOA) in mine. But before I figured it out. 3 different recievers and transmitters I found out the”jitters” had more to do with transmitter and reciever combinations.

ThatHPI GUY says:

That landing was perfect.

CrackerMcGillicuddy says:

I got one last Christmas. I like it better on snow. Flying over water makes me nervous. I can see why they call it Skipper. It skips a lot. Like a flat rock thrown across a pond. I put a layer of fiberglass on the bottom because it wears down pretty quickly on grass and snow. I did a good fiberglassing job though, not a hack/thrash job like you see on RC aircraft all over the internet these days.

BGG says:

Ten out of ten for that second landing (watering?) The control you displayed throughout this whole flight illustrates that the grumpy old mens’  argument is political and not skill related. Not only did you fairly and thoroughly review a product, you wowed a whole family. Top marks to you sir.

sunrise high says:

Are those duck payed up for the year so they can fly legally…………

MM Masterscross says:

Thanks Bruce. Enjoied another video. Very Helpful and informative. Answered alot of my questions, I had with this model

André Rousseau says:

Bruce bought my Dad one for Christmas. Mainly to deal with snow and the Canadian winters.

Peter Woo says:

Flitetest has a method of waterproofing your rc electronics and model… Good combo for flying this plane!!!

del3d says:

Great flight and landings! Very nice review as always.

Jamenator1 says:

very nice model and review, a good idea to give it a water rudder, however if you did extend the rudder down, would it still be able to takeoff and land on grass (or crowds of angry children)?  

daniel smythe says:

tarot tl250a mini

Cru Scanlan says:

Hi bruce, flitetest just made a video on how to waterproof all your electronics. They still work under water!

alishanmao says:

Oh Bruce, you just Gave  those guys who are trying to shut you down, another good reason to ban you. You were going to kill innocent rare ducks in your video. Almost did it. we all did hear those ducks screaming for help and I think I saw one duck making a call to local FAA on its duck Cell phone too.  

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