Review: HK Dolphin Jet EDF RC plane

The Dolphin Jet EDF from HobbyKing surprised me with its sparkling performance, for what is essentially an EDF trainer plane.

Although not over-powered by any stretch, it is aerobatic and will get along at a reasonable speed if you want it to.

– quick build (under 30 minutes and no glue required)
– easy to fly (perfect first EDF model)
– can be flown with or without undercarriage
– comes with everything but a battery and receiver
– uses cheap 2200mAH 3S batteries
– can be set up as a pusher-prop craft as well
– a canopy that doesn’t need rubber bands as well as magnets
– nice and cheap ($65+shipping at the time of review)

– noisy, unbalanced fan unit
– wire linkages slightly too long, requiring clevises to be wound up as far as they’ll go

I like it. I bought this one for Barry but may buy another one for myself and fit a 70mm EDF to it with a 4S battery for a little more excitement.

Time will tell if the double-sided tape on the tail is up to the job and whether the unbalanced EDF fan explodes with more use though.

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mongdex says:

I think I see a Taft Hobby Viper Jet in the background there 😀

catbijoux1 says:

Nice model and good review, I like it too.

SaToMojo says:

U should try the Air Hogs Jet Glider EDF conversion,
makes a perfect EDF trainer from what i heard.
Youtube search >> Another $10 RC plane. Air Hogs Titan
P.S. i believe the model can be shipped overseas from USA or Canada.

Kezat says:

Where does Bruce put all his part 2 of his videos? I can never find them. Love the videos Bruce keep em coming.

Comrade Wheelyspeed says:

Wow that’s a cool looking jet!

wordreet says:

I really like the way it looks, almost fish like, but I don’t like the noise. I’m a glider guider. ;¬)
Now I’m thinking about the Dolphin without the fan channel and all smoothed out as a slope soarer.

alejandro pena says:

why not use an antenna tracker to film larger planes? would be an interestig project video as well.

Josiah Whatley says:

I think it should be called the whale. It sure sounds like one!

MrGliderfly says:

another good vid,how on earth do you balance an edf blade.

Anees Rehman says:

Wow nice flying field, can i know the location 🙂

Matthew M says:

Is that from hobby king

propfella says:

I’ve had one cluttering up my desk for months and if it’s that noisy it can stay where it is. I must admit it’s a good looking plane. A shame they forgot to include the front wheel. Your magnets in the cowl appear much stronger than mine. A decent speed and the darned thing will vanish along with the fan unit. There’s noting holding it in except the cowl. But a good buy at the price. It’s a 55mm fan by the way. Heaps of spare parts for it too.

ricardopr54 says:

Very nice review and test flight.

Mohamed Emam says:

Nice Plane, but how does it perform in a windy area? 

Justwantahover says:

Could do with a bit of streamlining around the front of the fan. lol

Darrell Latham says:

About the worst flying plane I have ever had, still it keeps you very sharp.

Tyler Coates says:

How do planes with the motors up high like this keep from nose-diving when given throttle? I would think that since it’s thrusting above the center of mass and lift, that it would want to go downward.

AH6OY says:

Nice to see you flying again.

YaniT991 says:

Save the Dolphins, don’t let Barry fly it!!!

startazz says:

Now your talking and maybe Bruce can show it a lot better than some of the other videos out there,still there better than mine because I don’t have one.:-)

AdamW says:

I’m from Poland. I don’t understand what do You talk.

Gregory Blake says:

parkzone used to use double tape

Randal Hodson says:


ShukonDeeshnutz says:

The double-sided sticky tape on the tail came undone in the air on my 5th flight or so. It survived the ensuing crash though, A few dabs of hot glue later it was fine. Also, the plastic bits (mounts for the landing gears and the parts the wing slide and screw into) came undone almost immediately, because they weren’t glued in that well at the factory. Having said that, mine flies excellent even after crashing it hard numerous times at this point. I didn’t have the same unbalanced blade problems.

Matt -A- Tan says:

hi do you know what size the bolt is?

Ronalds Indriks says:

omg 666likes

sirlordwhitman says:

your reviews are so proper and regal.  Subscribed!


This plane closely resembles the Syncroby great planes,except that the syncro comes with two wings. A 55 inch glider wing and 35 inch sport wing. Has a 56 mill. fan blade but u have to supply own motor and servos.Cost 55 dollars if u shop around like i did.

matty6032 says:

i would get it if it made the noise like the v70 zephyr

Thyago Garcia says:

What about the RvJet, aren’t you going to do a review?

da newb says:

noice and i love it cause it looks like my favorite plane- the me 162 salamander

Peter Worsley says:

Great video. Liked the singing of the larks.

Bladud FPV says:

I still don’t see the point. Really if you’ve got plenty of experience with standard prop planes it shouldn’t be that hard a switch to an EDF jet. I’d skip the EDF trainer and jump straight to something like the Stinger 64 MK2, personally.

ReabowRotors says:

i wish models would supply the acrylic front and a foam front so you can have a much less fragile front for you model, because i always damages the weak acrylic and it always makes the model look shabby so a solid foam version would be brilliant.

K Khalifah says:

Bloody hell that EDF is as noisy as a nitro.

Andrew A says:

It looks like a clone of a Great Planes Electrify Syncro – just saying..

gilgameshismist says:

Wow, fast and stable little bugger, too bad the engine is so loud.
Good review, no crappy unboxing, no nonsense, great!
Keep up the good work.

daniel leete says:

Hi Bruce I have watch a lot of your very informative videos (thank you for explaining things in a way everyone can understand). This is a great little plane but with a 2200 pack and all needed fpv gear, you have to keep it moving to prevent altitude loss. although im really not sure where the c.o.g is on this plane. Can anyone fill me in on this?

Simon Edwards says:

@RCModelReviews Great review as always Bruce, please could you tell me how the Dolphin Glides in comparison to the AXN ? Thank you.

Tede NZ says:

Good to see that you have followed CAA requirements to allow you to fly again at the field. Well Done

dementia0090 says:

Bruce, I love this little plane. More fun than a barrel of Barrys!! Nearly as good as my video!LOL. If you want a pusher than get a pusher. The Dolphin is what it is and better with the EDF. Be careful on pushing it in a loop, the wing can pop off! It does scream and they all sound alike, a little out of balance but I do love that screaming little plane. No steering but everyone needs a challenge. It does drain the battery fast, as does all EDF’s. I use a 2200mah 30C and you get about 4 minutes, a little longer if you go high and glide a bit. Very fun plane! Keep up the good work. YeeHaw Pardner!

Aviator111167 says:

Why do all the Chinese fans come unbalanced? Are they lazy or stupid?

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